IceWM is a good option when it comes to Ubuntu window managers. It includes all the necessary features just like the other Ubuntu window managers such as Blckbox, Fluxbox, KDE, AfterStep, Xfce, Enlightenment and Ubuntu’s default window manager, Gnome. If you do not know how to install it on your system then you may go through this article to find out the procedure.

The installation process of this window manager is quite simple. Below mentioned are the steps to be followed:
Begin the installation process by selecting the alternate install repositories. Now, type the following command in the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install icewm

The installation process would start as soon as you enter the command. Once the installation process gets completed, log out and press the Options tab which appears at the bottom of the screen. A menu list containing the names of all the window managers installed on your system would now appear on your Ubuntu system. Since you wish to use IceWM, select it and log in to the system. Though loaded with various features, this window manager is quite simple when it comes to looks. However, you have the option of downloading different themes on it. You may download this window manager with ease and experience a change from your usual Ubuntu desktop.


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