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    How to Install Adobe PDF Reader on Ubuntu

    Since most e-books and online documents are available in the PDF format, this is why it has become essential to install a PDF Reader on your system. If you are using Windows, you still have a choice; you may go for other readers such as Foxit that can be used to read such documents. However, if you are using an Ubuntu Linux system it is recommended to use the Adobe PDF reader for an uninterrupted and undistorted reading experience. This article discusses the way in which you can install an Adobe PDF Reader on Ubuntu Edgy. Below mentioned are the installation steps.

    Adoe Reader LogoBegin the installation process by checking whether the Multiverse repository is selected or not. If it is not selected then select it and then move on to the next step. Open the terminal window and key in the below mentioned command:

    sudo apt-get install acroread

    This command would install the Adobe Reader. In case you require installing the Adobe PDF Reader along with the plug-in for Firefox then you will have to use a different command. For this, open the terminal and type the below mentioned command:

    sudo apt-get install acroread mozilla-acroread acroread-plugins

    This would ensure the installation of Adobe PDF with plug-in for Firefox. The installation process is simple; the only thing that you need to take care of is to key in the appropriate commands.

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