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    How to get Windows 8 Betta Fish Boot Screen in Windows 7

    Beta fish boot screen is included in Windows 8 leaked versions. A Deviantart user has developed a “Windows 8 Boot screen with the help of which you can enable your Beta fish boot screen in Windows 8. Below are the steps for using Windows 8 Boot screen skin. You may also like below mentioned posts.

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    1. First you have to Download and extract the Window’s 8 Boot screen contents to a folder. Check that this skin must have two folders named as “skin files” and “Windows 7 Boot Updater”.
    2. Now you have to run Windows 7 Boot updater and then save the current boot screen from the file menu by hitting the save boot skin.
    3. Now from the file menu you have to choose “Load boot skin” and after that choose the Window’s boot skin aka Window’s 8 Boot screen ALPHA which is extracted earlier with Windows 7 boot updater.


    1. You can view and play the Window’s 8 boot screen animation from Window’s 7 Boot Updater.
    2. Now, you have to click on Apply button.
    3. Restart your computer when prompted.
    4. Now your Windows 8 Beta fish boot screen is ready for Window 7.

    Download Windows 8 BootScreen

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