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    How To Download Instagram Videos [Best Ways]

    Today’s article is the answer to question i.e. How to Download Instagram Videos? And if you’re looking for answers to the same question we highly recommend you must check this article. Instagram announced a new feature using which you can share 15 second video and not the only the images with your friends and loved once. And if you have a habit to download videos, then we’re feeling delighted to share with you that you can also download Instagram videos which are shared by your friends.

    Instagram has become a platform for all social media users to post their life stories in an interesting way. Google is the origin of Instagram, so one can also use it to expand their google plus circle for the expansion of online business. The integration of Instagram with most of the leading social media platforms has made it so popular in young generation.  Below you’re going to read about very simple ways to download Instagram videos. So without further ado, why don’t you start reading the first method.

    Download Instagram Videos

    How To Download Instagram Videos [Best Ways]

    1. DreDown

    Download Instagram Videos

    DreDown is one the best, simple and quick way to download Instagram videos or your liked videos to your camera roll. What you actually need to do is enter the URL of the Instagram video which you want to download. After that wait for a few seconds and it will get back to you with a local. mp4 file. From then you can edit and upload your video to wherever you want.

    2. Via Torch Browser

    Download Instagram Videos

    To download Instagram videos using this method you need to Download and Install Torch Browser on your system. Once you are done with the installation process, copy the url of the video you wish to download and paste it to address bar of a browser and load the page. So that Torch Browser can get you the download link of the video.

    No on the top of the browser, there is “Video” button. You will that before playing the video its grayed out and once you finished watching the video it will become clickable. Simply click on the video button to Download Instagram Videos which are in .mp4 format.

    3. IFTTT

    Download Instagram Videos

    If you’re an existing user of IFTTT, then the good news is that you can also use this service to download Instagram videos. No doubt process is a bit longer but its another best way to download your favorite videos. Below I’m going to share with you step to step guide to use this service:

    a. The first thing you need to do is browse over to IFTTT and create an account, if you want to download video straight to your cloud storage.

    b. After that click on “Create” on the top bar and click on “this.” Here it will ask you to choose a trigger channel. As you want to save videos from Instagram you need to choose “Instagram as trigger.” and then, it will ask you to activate your account. Here you need to click on activate, once you’re done follow step c.

    c. Now you will be asked to choose a trigger which must be like “You like a video” and click on “Create Trigger”

    d. With this step you got trigger that means what you want to happen when you like a video on Instagram.

    e. Now you need to create an action channel for example here we choose “Dropbox” and you need to activate Dropbox just like we did above for Instagram in “step b.”

    f. Once Dropboz is activated you will be asked to choose the action. As you want to save Instagram Video on Dropbox. So here you need to choose “Add a file from a URL.” And after that click on “Create Action” and “Create Recipe” to save this.

    And you’re done so whenever you like any video on Instagram it will automatically download to your Dropbox.

    4. SaveDeo

    Download Instagram Videos

    SaveDeo is another simple and easy to use web service which allow you to Download Instagram Videos and some popular sites like Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED, Vevo and others. The process is very simple just copy paste your Instagram video link in SaveDeo bar and hit download. Now you will get the option to download MP4, 3GP, FLV or WebM videos in different resolutions.

    5. Download Instagram Video Manually

    As there is no official way available to download videos, their is also a simple way to make that thing happen. What you need to do is follow below steps:

    a. Simply open the video you wish to download and right click anywhere on the video.

    b. After that click on “view page source” or “view source” depending on your browsers.

    c. Once the page is open what you need to do is search for “.mp4” (without quote) in that source page you can use “CTRL+F.”

    d. Now you will got a complete link, open that link in new tab. If you’re using Internet Explorer you will get the option to save. But if using Chrome or Firefox video will start streaming within the browser. Here hit “Ctrl + S” once page loads, and you’ll be able to Download Instagram Videos it to your computer.


    Download Instagram Videos

    This service saves all your social networks to your computer so that you can enjoy your story in one safe place. With digime, you can not only Download Instagram videos but everything which you have shared on Instagram including your posts, comments, photos and friend too. You can also use this service to save data from other social sites.

    You can use this service free for 60 days and if you like this service and still want to  continue, then you can get a premium license of this service which cost around $6.99 for 4 social accounts per year, or $27.99 to save data from 20 accounts for a year.  And the bonus is that his service is available for both PC and Mac.

    7. InstaSave [Android App]

    Download Instagram Videos

    Suppose you want to download Instagram Videos straight on your Android device, then you might love to use InstaSave. Basically using this app you can download your Instagram photos and also the photos you liked to your device memory for free.

    But if you want videos you can try the Pro version of InstaSave save Instagram videos

    8. iBolt Downloader (iPhone and iPad App)

    Download Instagram Videos

    If you’re iPhone and iPad users and want to Download Instagram Videos, then you can try free apps i.e. iBolt Downloader

    What you really need to do is open the videos which you wish to download and at the bottom there is a “download icon” available you just need to click on that and then you will get two options just tap on “save video” and you’re done.

    So these are some simple ways to Download Instagram Videos. Just give a try and let us know which one you used. You can also share with us other ways which we miss to add to this opinion piece.


    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this list of the best video downloaders for Instagram. One or two of them don’t seem to be working anymore but non the less it was worth a read. Cheers


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