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    How to Design the Game Room of Your Dreams?

    All of us need a corner in our homes where we can forget about the outside world and just wind down and have fun. If you’re lucky enough to have some spare space that you could convert into such heaven, passing up on such an opportunity would be a crime.

    A game room is not just a personal hideaway where you can spend hours playing video games without being interrupted; it can also become the number one hangout spot for your family or friend group where you’ll be making countless memories together. For unadulterated entertainment, though, you need the ideal space, which is why it’s not enough to name your spare room the game room and call it a day. If you truly want to make the most of it, a few design considerations will make a world of difference and you’ll get so much more use and enjoyment out of your space. If you need inspiration for this project of yours, here are a few tips for designing the game room of your dreams.

    Pick the right spot

    First, you’ll need to pick the right spot for your entertainment den. If you have no choice, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to adjust any space, but if you can indeed choose, go for a room that is away from foot traffic in the house. It will help with managing noise. In addition, entertainment spaces are best if they are windowless. This will not only prevent the annoying glare the light causes on each and every one of your screens, but it also makes the atmosphere more immersive. You will be in full control of the light and ambiance and you’ll lose your sense of whether it’s day or night while you’re having fun.

    Choose a theme

    A solid way to start the makeover of your space would be by picking a theme. While it’s not an unskippable step, if you care about design and looks, it will help a lot with achieving a cohesive and attractive result. It’s also a fantastic way to make your long-time dreams come true and indulge in the things you’re most passionate about with no sense of guilt. If your idea of entertainment is marathoning all the Academy Award nominees in the comfort of your home, then you can consider going for a theater theme. If Marvel comics are your true love, needless to say, a superhero theme will brighten up the space. Do you enjoy the retro aesthetic of 80’s arcades? Let your creativity roam free!

    Start with the basics

    Once you have a general idea about the direction you want to go, you should get down the basics before moving on to the fun part of furnishing and decorating your game room. Begin with the largest surfaces: the walls and the floors, since they make the largest impact. Think about the atmosphere you want to create and choose the colors and materials accordingly. An exposed brick wall is perfect for that grungy pool parlor feel, while a sleek dark backdrop is perfect for a gaming space. Go for charcoal or another modern color. You can also add some variety with the help of a feature wall—more about that when it comes to decorating. Finally, this is also the right time to think about window treatments if your room has a window. Adjustable blinds are a nice understated option but if you want extra soundproofing, go for drapes.

    Pick your entertainment

    The most important element of your game room will, of course, be the entertainment itself. Even if you mostly plan to use your PS4 and already have a trusty setup you just need to move to its new home, adding a few more options to the space will make it more versatile. A dedicated game room can finally make your dream of owning your own pool table come true, for instance. It can also finally allow you to organize your impressive board game collection. Make the space multifunctional with the help of modular furniture so you can always adapt it to your needs. For instance, a pool table that doubles as a regular table for playing cards will allow you to do more with less. Seats and couches that can easily be moved and rearranged for a movie night are also practical. Think about all the things you want to do and arrange the space accordingly.

    Think about sound

    High-quality sound is indispensable, whether you are gaming, watching movies, or simply listening to music while playing card games with your buddies. So, coming up with the right setup for your sound system is quite crucial. If you plan on building the speakers into your wall or ceiling, don’t leave it as an afterthought. However, a normal surround sound system is perfectly good as well. Needless to say, you will want to keep the sound inside your space as much as possible, so as not to be disruptive to others, so looking into soundproofing options is highly advised. Carpeted floors and the aforementioned drapes do help a lot. If you’re designing a theater-like space, plush walls will be the cherry on top.

    Mind the lighting

    We already mentioned how important it is to block out any light coming from outside. However, creating the right indoor ambiance is just as important. Ambient lighting determines the tone of the space, and using the right fixtures will elevate your gaming experience immensely. Use multiple fixtures and bring some color into your space. LEDs can create a cool, almost futuristic result, but you can also add more interest with string lights and neon lights. Make sure the space is bright enough. In addition, while this may not be a concern if you’re more of a board game-aficionado or table-futsal fiend, if you plan on projecting movies, shiny surfaces may be annoying. So, in that case, use matte finishes wherever you can and steer clear of pictures framed in glass and other similar decorations.

    Comfort is a top priority

    The perfect gaming room is not just about looks; it’s also about comfort. Making this room as comfortable as possible will not only allow you to spend hours here and lose yourself in the experience, but it’s also a major question of health. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, playing games, choosing the right gaming chair that will allow for proper posture and keep back pain at bay is highly recommended. If you are to entertain groups, pick out comfortable seating options appropriate for the activities. For instance, bean bags may be great for just hanging out, but they are not exactly ideal if you are to organize multiplayer get-togethers. Besides seating, you can also boost the comfort levels with a few other additions. For instance, keep your feet warm with cozy floor rugs; they will also help with improving the soundproofing of your room.

    Time to decorate

    When it’s time to decorate your game room, your imagination is the only limit. It’s your chance to make it truly yours. So, display proof of your interests without holding back. There’s literally no better place to display your prized collections than this room dedicated to them! Install shelves to hold everything—if your game room is not as spacious, you can consider the option of built-in shelves and keep everything neater while not having to compromise on your display. As for the walls, there is a world of possibilities at your disposal. If you don’t have anything particular in mind, simply make one wall a feature wall, using wallpaper or some sort of texture. For competitive individuals, a fun addition such as a scoreboard can truly add a lot to the game room experience. Whatever it is that you play, it’s exciting to raise the stakes with a display of everyone’s score, so get a blackboard or paint one wall with chalkboard paint and achieve the same result. Do away with bare walls with the help of posters: vintage movie posters create that true theater experience. You can also order a few sleek minimalist prints.

    Keep snacks at hand

    Nothing will be more annoying than having to go upstairs (or downstairs) every time you want a snack. So, be sure to dedicate a corner of your game room to a sort of snack bar. Have a mini-fridge to hold the drinks, and bring in a bar cart to hold the glasses and your favorite hard drinks. If you have the space, installing a bar would be an amazing idea. It would elevate your game room to a true hangout spot. Add a few stools and you’ll feel like you’re in a real bar. However, even if you don’t have that much space, just keeping the essentials at hand is enough for impeccable comfort.

    If you’re tired of getting interrupted during that important raid or hate the mess game nights with your pals leave all over your living room, a dedicated entertainment room can be a game-changer. Such a space is truly worth investing in. The returns are countless hours spent having fun!

    Mike Parsons
    Mike Parsons
    Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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