If you own a car, chances are you use it on the regular. As with most people, you don’t have the time or money to keep the interior of the car clean as you do with the exterior. Unfortunately, what most car owners fail to realize is that in addition to a dirty interior looking unappealing, it’s also a breeding ground for disease-causing viruses and bacteria. That said, here are a few habits to adopt to ensure your car stays clean in between washes.

1.      Don’t Smoke in the Car

The smoke from cigarettes tends to cling to every surface it comes into contact with. So, if you smoke in the car, it’s bound to stick to the upholstery. Not only that, but it will pollute the air as it makes its way into the air conditioning vents. Exposure to this smoke over time will cause the car’s interior to reek and we all know how hard it is to get rid of a stench.

2.      Avoid Eating or Drinking in the Car

It will be hard to keep your car’s interior clean if you and the passengers are always eating in the car. It might be a hard habit to let go, but if you don’t regular visits to the car wash, you’ll want to get rid of it. Without eating or drinking in the car, you won’t have food wrappers to dispose of, no food droppings, and most importantly, no bad odors. If you have to eat in the car, ensure you have a  trash bag nearby.

3.      Have Trash Bags in the Car

Ensuring you always have at least one trash bag in the car is one of the best to ensure the interior remains clean. This ensures you are not always searching for nooks and crannies to put those empty cans, bottles, tissues, food wrappers, etc. Also, a trash bag will help prevent you from littering the environment.

4.      Shake off the Shoes before Getting into the Vehicle

Clean shoes will help make sure your car’s interior stays clean for an extended time. Before getting into the car, sit sideways while holding your legs outside and knock the shoes together to remove any extra sand wedged into the outer soles. Make this a habit, especially if you have been on a trip to the beach.

5.      Shake off the Floor Mats

Also, make a habit of shaking off the floor mats whenever you take a ride. This will help remove sand, dirt, and other forms of debris. In addition, clean the car mats once every two months to ensure a cleaner car floor. Branded car mats like BMW car mats are designed to fit specific cars.

6.      Clean the Spills

Spills will instantly absorb in the chairs, leaving not just stains, but odors as well. To prevent these occurrences, ensure you clean up the spill as soon as it happens. The best thing is to enforce the ‘No eating or drinking in the car’ tip mentioned above. If you had damp clothes inside, dry the interior as soon as possible to prevent mold growth. If it is too late for that, ensure you do proper mold removal.

7.      Have Wet Wipes on Sight

Last but not least, it is advisable to have hygienic wet wipes nearby to clean your hands and any food spills. Ensure you get the anti-bacterial kind in order to get your steering wheel and other surfaces free of grease and disease-causing bacteria.

By adopting these habits, you will always have a clean car interior.


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