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    How to Access your BIOS Set Up

    All of the computer systems have some unique method for accessing the BIOS setup. BIOS is basically use for holding the critical information of the system startup. You can access BIOS setup utility with the starting of your computer system; you can also view configuration and setting of BIOS with the help of it. You have to press the combination of keys for jumping to BIOS startup menu. This combination varies from a manufacture to another but it is generally limited to function keys only. Now in this post I am going to explain that How you can access your BIOS setup. Below is a list of most commonly used models and their respective access methods/keys.

    Computer System BIOS

    ACER Computers & Notebooks

    1. You can use DEL or F2 keys.
    2. For Acer Altos 600 server, you can access bios setup by hitting the CTRL+ALT+ESC keys.

    COMPAQ Computers & Notebooks

    1. Ensure that the cursor is in upper right area of your screen is sporadicing before pressing the F10 key.
    2. For previous version of Compaq, you must use F1, F2, F10 or DEL keys for BIOS set up.

    DELL Computers & Laptops

    1. When switching ON your computer allow DELL logo appears before hitting the F2 key.
    2. For the previous version of Dell you have to use CTRL + ALT + ENTER for BIOS menu.
    3. Generally Dell systems make use of FN + ESC or FN + F1 keys for BIOS set up.

    GATEWAY Computers & Laptops

    1. Press the F1 key until the BIOS.
    2. Older edition of Gateway systems will use F2 key for displaying the BIOS set up screen.

    Hewlett – Packard Systems

    1. Press the F1 key to access the BIOS.
    2. HP Tablet PC users can press F10 / F12 keys.

    IBM models

    1. While restarting your system you have to press F1 key for accessing BIOS.
    2. Prior IBM computer models will oblige the use of F2 key.

    SONY VAIO Computer Systems

    1. All Sony Vaio users can press the F1, F2 or F3 key while rebooting their computer systems.


    1. For Toshiba notebooks & Computers you must use ESC key or F1 after rebooting their computer systems.
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