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    How Online Energy Healing can help you.

    Release emotional pain with online energy healing.

    Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed or uncertain and need help?

    Then, Online Distance Energy Healing can help you and help you get on with life in a much more relaxed and positive way. YES that’s right!

    The ‘corona virus’ has transformed our world in just a few short months and many of us are not quite sure how to cope and deal with the anxiety that we feel as a result.

    So how can we best cope with this change?

    We need to embrace new and different ways of solving our problems.

    What is distance Energy Healing?

    Energy Healing is a form of healing that restores or balances the flow of
    energy in your body.

    Energy Healing is based on the idea that our bodies have energetic pathways that are constantly sending messages to parts of our body to perform certain actions.

    As human beings we are impacted by the environment we live in and our own thinking.

    Our environment can create a fight or flight response in our body because we feel threatened in some way.

    In the current ‘corona virus’ pandemic many people are feeling fearful and uncertain.

    These feelings are impacting our bodies creating symptoms of anxiety, overwhelm, despair, depression, panic attacks, mood swings, shortness of breath, nightmares, lack of quality of sleep and not being able to relax just to name a few.

    We are also being constantly bombarded by the media and the thoughts of the people around us.

    Having an Energy Healing session will allow your body to release the energy created during traumatic experiences and help restore your body balance.

    How does this happen during an Energy Healing session?

    Prior to the ‘corona virus’ I would mostly see clients face to face with
    occasional ‘distance’ or ‘remote’ healing sessions.

    We would chat about what they had been experiencing in the lead up to the session and then they would lie down on the massage table and I would use a muscle testing technique to determine what their body wanted to balance.

    Don’t hold on to your anxiety – it can be released.

    We would allow the body to determine the links and then give the body time to process it.

    During this time the client would often feel sensations throughout their body. The sensations vary and can include tingling, lightness, heaviness and feeling energy moving.

    A session usually last for an hour.

    Since the ‘corona virus’ has led to segregation I cannot work in the same
    way and am now offering Energy Healing sessions using a teddy bear to
    surrogate for the person who used to be lying on the table but is now online
    via Zoom or Skype.

    The sessions are exactly, the same, we work out what your body wants to balance and then give your body time to process it.

    You may feel sensations in your body because we are all connected energetically through consciousness.

    Our body is designed to heal itself, that’s why if you cut yourself within a
    short time the wound will be healed.

    When something traumatic has happened, the body can sometimes need help to restore and balance energy flows.

    That’s where an Energy Healer comes in, giving the body the support, it needs, to get back into balance and to clear the symptoms you have been experiencing.

    The price for a session is $80US or $140 AUS.

    If you live in the United States, Sue will send you a PayPal invoice to be paid prior to your session.

    Then a mutually convenient time for the session will be established and Sue will send you a link to Zoom or Skype.

    All sessions have a 100% money back guarantee.

    If you would like to book an online Energy Healing session with Sue Oliver

    Her website can provide you with more information.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you online!
    You can learn more about Sue Oliver when you visit here LinkedIn profile.

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