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    How I Passed CISSP Exam – My Personal Experience

    The certified information system security system (which is widely known as CISSP certification) is a type of special certification that mainly aims in the sectors of access control, telecommunications, network fields, and regions related to cryptography. 

    The main requirement for this official certification test is that candidate needs to have at least a minimum of three to five years of work experience in the network sector and security. This work experience must be validated by an individual with an ISC 2 tag along with good character certification from the applicant. Per-year salaries that can be obtained professionally certified in the best scenario are around 1.5 million dollars.

    This is a certification that is globally accepted about cyber security that has a broad preference among prospective candidates because of its features. 

    This is given and managed by an organization called ISC 2 (which can be expanded as a consortium for international information system security certification).

    It usually identifies candidate skills regarding cyber security which includes various techniques used in penetration tests, threat detection, problems, vulnerabilities, weak access points, risks, malware such as viruses, worms, trojan-based horses, etc. 

    In the computer, control it effectively and prevents them from entering the system again. 

    This also includes disappeared data recovery with success and vice versa problems in the network because of some unavoidable threats that might occur.

    Duration: -6 test hours

    The total number of questions will be answered: – 250

    Validity of Certification: – 3 years Validity

    CISSP inspection fee: – around $ 699 in US currency.

    The Focus Area is as Follows: –

    1. Access control

    2. Development of system security and applications

    3. Cryptograph: – symmetrical algorithm, encryption, message integrity, public key infrastructure, email security, internet security, digital signatures, etc.

    4. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

    5. Law and Ethics

    6. Model and security architecture

    7. Physical authorization: – This is also known as a public threat. It also includes a broader concept of threat mitigation techniques, perimeter security, HVAC guidelines, security equipment, personal security, political threats, etc.

    8. Operation security

    9. Telecommunications network and security

    10. The best management method along with the method

    Various Benefits of CISSP Certification: –

    – Salary increase: – While normal IT candidates can produce around $ 80,000 per year (in US currency), a CISSP certified professional will make it easily up to almost $ 1.5 million per year. Monetary improvement in accordance with the trust of an organization in its employment candidates and security skills.

    – Better future aspects: – Verified candidates are undoubtedly preferred than others for specific causes. Various IT sectors that have firm in the business area, have come to refer to certain candidates who have CISSP certification.

    – Look better on CV: – brand certifications like investment once. CISSP is not an exception as it is the best choice for every professional. According to reports of cyber security trends, the spotlight in 2017, CISSP is the most valuable credentials among employers.

    – Wider cyber security horizon: – The higher you rise, the more accessories you see. CISSP helps you in soaring high enough to understand the concept of the way the cyber security is applied and methodologies such as entries, cloud-based security, etc.

    – Experience, authorization of the former ISC 2 credential holder and pain spraying pain done to undergo a certification exam, increase your knowledge aside from glorifying an experience of 3-5 years.

     Security Operation Domain

    The security operation domain covers around 13% of the syllabus. This is based on how a person must apply a plan and turn it into an effective action. This domain focuses on understanding certain investigations and support them. They are required to understand the types of investigations that have emerged and they must try to solve and help the team in the investigation. 

    They are mainly responsible for logging and monitoring activities. They are also awarded with the responsibility of managing physical security. This domain includes the topic of resource protection and a person must learn how to apply these techniques in real life situations. The domain also includes important topics such as indigent management. The concept of basic security operations can be found here. This domain trains individuals to learn about business continuity, which provides a lot of assistance to business companies or institutions. Provisions to secure registered resources here.

    Security and Testing Assessments

    Security and testing assessments cover around 12% of CISSP exams. The main objective of this domain is to train professionals to design security testing and analyze their performance by running tests on them. This domain is very data and statistics oriented because there are a large number of tests run on several systems. These tests provide results which are then analyzed by individuals by comparing them to any standard or past tests. Under this domain training, individuals learn how to maintain internal security audits and third parties.

    The next domain is an identity and access management consisting of around 13% of the total syllabus. This domain consists of learning and training regarding data access and understanding how to control it. There are various authorization methodologies that must be done to understand this domain perfectly. They are expected to understand logical and physical access to assets. They must understand the life cycle that revolves around the identity and supply of access.

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