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    How Excellent PDF Software Helps Save Money and Simplify Work

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    In office work, few things are as vital to the success of daily operations as good communication.

    With a large number of teams working on diverse yet interconnected tasks, understanding where everyone is and what they’re doing next is very important. Without good communication, projects can suffer delays, mistakes are possible, and the business might even spend money when it isn’t strictly necessary.

    According to a study by Salesforce, more than 85% of surveyed respondents identified poor communication as a key cause of failure in business. It’s no surprise it is a difficult task—hardly any two businesses use the same types of document workflows. As a result, inefficiencies develop over time that slow down work, frustrate users, and negatively impact the business.

    How can companies position themselves to avoid that impact?

    Understanding the most common problems facing offices today is the first step. Following that, identifying a better solution comes next, alongside finding the tools to make that solution viable. Let’s consider how offices can function at a disadvantage today and then look into a solution that’s already close at hand for most businesses—the PDF format.

    Problems and Pitfalls with Typical Office Document Processing

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    Many forms of document processing take place in the office. Staff might spend time scanning paper copies of important files into the computer, or they could need to take information from clients for modification. Some files may need archival stamps, such as Bates numbering used in law firms. At other times, more than one person may need to work together to put together an important report for a client or the business itself.

    All these processes can prove complex—especially without a good solution for managing all those digital documents. A lack of organization and the right tools can lead to confusion, lost files, and delays in essential work tasks. Some offices allow these workflows to evolve as needed, without direction—and that can be a problem. A disorganized office leads to employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity, and other issues.

    The PDF: The Perfect Solution

    These problems can slow down your business and frustrate employees. However, there is an easy solution—the PDF. A gold standard for document storage and display across the industry, today’s format is about more than just showing off a digital copy of a scanned page. With the right PDF software, you can tap into an impressive depth of functionality.

    Because it is so well-established in the business world, finding robust tools to work with is simple and cost-effective. Software such as Kofax Power PDF only requires a one-time licensing fee and allows businesses to empower employees to do more every day. For example, Power PDF allows real-time collaboration between business users on the same network or when connected to a company-held server (available in Advanced version). Live collaboration enables easier, faster work and keeps teams in easy communication with one another.

    With an easy way to convert documents to and from the PDF format, businesses can also simplify how information moves through the office. Standardizing on PDF opens the door to easy organization and less confusion—all without the need to break your budget.

    Rethink Office Communications Today

    A reliable, secure way to collaborate, share, sign and do more every day with your documents is an essential element of success. With better PDF software and workflows based on maximizing this format’s functionality, you can bring your business into the future and keep it nimble both today and tomorrow. Take some time to evaluate the flow of info through your office and ask: is this the best way to do things? The answer might surprise you.

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