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    How Easy is it to Penetrate the Australian Market?

    If you own a company that is enjoying a healthy domestic market share and you are thinking about new markets, Australia is a very attractive proposition. The Australian government fully support foreign investment and there are incentives for those who wish to set up private or public companies.

    Private Limited Company

    The majority of foreign entrepreneurs wish to set up a private limited company (PLC), which is a trading entity and according to Australian law, a private limited company must have a Resident Director, a person who resides in Australia. Of course, most foreign investors do not have anyone who meets the criteria, which is where a leading international law firm that offers professional corporate services in Australia comes into play.

    Appointing a Resident Company Director

    When you contact a leading international law firm that services Australia, you can access experienced appointees as company directors who reside in Australia. 

    Duties include:

    • The signing of important documentation to be lodged with authoritative bodies such as ATO and TGA.
    • Acting as shareholder’s representative in company meetings.
    • Communicating with regulatory authorities.
    • Generally advise on all aspects of the business.

    This is just one of numerous services offered by a leading international law company.

    Resident Company Secretary

    company secretary
    image source: Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

    If you are in need of a Resident Company Secretary, your legal partner can connect you with experienced company secretaries; experienced professionals who understand the duties of such a position.

    Duties include;

    • Planning & managing shareholder, committee and board meetings.
    • Lodging official documentation.
    • Maintaining the statutory registers.
    • Compliance and governance advice.

    There is no requirement for a Resident Company Secretary for a private company, although if one is appointed, they must be eligible and a resident of Australia.

    Digital Marketing

    If you are planning to enter the Australian market, we recommend contacting a leading Australian digital marketing agency in Sydney; with your input, they can compile an aggressive digital marketing plan that will deliver the desired results; branding specialists are ready to help Australian consumers identify with your product line. Here are a few top tips to find the best digital marketing agency.

    In-Depth Marketing Research

    It might be best to set up a non-trading entity initially, which allows you to carry out serious market research and that would determine whether or not you move forward and set up a limited company. Many entrepreneurs go down this route, as they are not ready to set up a trading entity and with a leading international law firm in your corner, it’s smooth sailing all the way!

    Corporate Governance & Compliance

    One of the most important things about setting up a business in a foreign country is protocol; compliance can be complex if you don’t have expert advice, which is why you should approach the right law firm that facilitates foreign business formation. 

    Setting up a private limited company would be the ultimate goal at some point and there are a lot of things to prepare and with the help of a leading law firm, you can connect with professional appointees for the position of Resident Company Director.

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