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    How Do You Control the Character in the Mustafa Game?

    Upon its release, very few games in the arcade got as widespread acclaim as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. Especially among the teenage to adult population who did not think of action-adventure games that deeply.

    Cadillacs & Dinosaurs became an instant hit and gamers lined up to play whenever they could. However, when it came to PCs, the craze overcame some difficulties as the PC version had a few complicated control settings.

    Still, there was no decrease in demand as users liked the game through and through. If you’re one of those users who can’t find all the controls and attack combos, don’t worry. You’ll find your questions answered here.

    So, let’s get started!

    The Interface of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Game

    Once you download and install the game, you’ll notice a Capcom logo, and the game will be on the homepage or start page. Before you understand the controls, it’s imperative that you understand the interface first. Here are some of the interface logos and indicators you need to know-

    Character Icon: Once you’re in the main menu, you’ll be asked to pick a character to play with and you get 4 choices. 

    Alt: Mustafa on Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

    Health Meter & Life Indicator: In the top right corner you’ll notice a “=” sign which indicates how many lives you have throughout the game. And below that, the yellow bar indicates your total health points.

    Score Counter: Just on the right side of the name of your character, you’ll see the total score you have earned throughout the game. The more enemies you kill and perform combos, the more score you can earn.

    Enemy Icon: Once you start beating the enemies, you’ll notice the enemy icons with their names and health bar. By following this indicator you can easily kill the enemies which are already on low HP. Also, when a level boss arrives, the icon and name will be visible until you kill them.

    Gun Icon: While you don’t start a round or level with guns, you can find them by smashing barrels and other obstacles on the road. Moreover, some enemies carry guns so killing them can get you that gun instantly. 

    Alt: Mustafa shotgun

    Once you pick up the gun, you will be able to see the bullets left at the bottom of the gun icon.

    Countdown Timer: If you think you have all the time in the world to finish a level, then you’re absolutely wrong. Because you have to finish the levels in a certain time and once you have very few minutes left, the timer will appear.

    Controls of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Game

    So, are you familiar with the interface now? If you are, you can start learning the controls one by one. Here are the controls guide that you need to master in order to finish this game-

    Basic Joystick Controls: The default control for movement in Mustafa is RFDG for up, down, left, and right, respectively. 

    Action: To punch, use the A button once or repeatedly. It also acts as the interact button which enables you to pick up guns, equipment, and healing items.

    Jump: Use the S button on your keyboard to jump. It helps you to avoid small obstacles and enemies.

    Run: Press and hold the button in the direction you want to run. Use the joystick to orient your movements.

    Defensive/Special Move: To perform this combo, press the action (A) and jump (S) buttons together. All four characters have different special moves.

    Alt: Mustafa special move

    Offensive Move: Press the down, and then tap the Up and Attack button together. This move enables the players to get space from the enemies with an aggressive blow.

    Flying Kick: Press the jump button first and then press the attack button.

    Grab:  If you want to grab any weapon on the floor, then press the action button. But you don’t have to use any buttons. to grab Just walk up to any enemy you want to grab. However, this move does not work with minibosses and level bosses. 

    Throw: After grabbing an enemy, simply press the action button to throw them. You can set the direction with the joystick before you throw.

    Attack Combo: When the enemy is down, press the action button four times to enable a deadly combo that deals major damage.

    Dash Attack: While running, press the action button to launch a dash attack.


    Is Cadillacs and Dinosaurs available on mobile devices?

    Yes, mobile versions of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs are available for both iOS and Android devices. These versions may vary in graphics and gameplay compared to the original arcade release.

    Are there any sequels or spin-offs to Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?

    No official sequels or spin-offs have been released for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. However, the game’s popularity has inspired several fan-made games and mods.

    Can I play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs online with other players?

    No, there is no official online multiplayer mode for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. However, you can find fan-made online versions or utilize emulators that support online play.

    Are there any boss fights in the game?

    Yes, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs feature boss fights at the end of each level. These boss battles typically involve large and powerful enemies that require strategic tactics to defeat.


    Now that you’ve gone through this guide to control your characters in the Mustafa game, you won’t have any problems playing this game anymore! Still, you can check the in-game hints and keypad settings to clarify your doubts further.

    So, get on to playing the game now without missing a beat!

    Jim Brown
    Jim Brown
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