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    How Data Science Dojo is Redefining Data Science Education

    For many people, learning a second language can be challenging.

    There are different phrases to understand, and the way you use certain words can have multiple meanings.

    But what if that second language was not a foreign dialect? What if it was a programming language?

    For those who want to learn data science using coding languages like Python, it doesn’t have to take years to gain an understanding, as long as you have the right teachers.

    That’s where Data Science Dojo comes in.

    What is Data Science Dojo?

    Since 2013, Data Science Dojo has received global recognition and industry awards for its unique and innovative approach to data science education. The team of software developers, research engineers, data scientists, and machine learning experts has created an ever-evolving curriculum that equips learners with the skills they need to succeed. They believe and live by their mission of making it easy to learn data science regardless of your experience.

    What Does Data Science Dojo Offer?

    From the moment you enroll with Data Science Dojo, you’ll be encouraged to cultivate a business-first mindset. This approach helps you develop real-world problem-solving techniques by combining the right balance of theory and practice. There are four options to choose from when it comes to learning Data Science Dojo.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    During this 16-week live instructor-led bootcamp, you will develop a solid foundation of data science theory combined with hands-on activities where you can put your skills into practice. You’re given access to all the tools that you need to approach problems with a business-first mindset. At the end of the course, students will be able to:

    • Explore, visualize, and cluster data to identify trends and support data-driven decision-making
    • Build, evaluate, fine-tune and implement predictive models using appropriate machine learning algorithms
    • Hypothesize and design online experiments to improve user experiences.
    • Build end-to-end big data pipelines to handle large volumes of data in real-time.

    Python for Data Science

    This five-day course introduces you to one of the fastest-growing programming languages today. Python is used in many global businesses, including Netflix, Pixar, Spotify, and YouTube. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

    • Use Python libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib for data analysis
    • Build, evaluate, fine-tune and implement end-to-end data analysis pipelines in Python
    • Explore and visualize data to identify trends and support data-driven decision making
    • Articulate key findings from data analysis to recommend solutions for business problems

    Data Science for Managers

    Data-driven decision-making is becoming a necessity in many businesses as they look to provide smart, personalized offerings. Data science for managers helps leaders solve real-world problems and provide them with the tools to understand what the numbers are saying. The program seeks to equip, inspire, and empower leaders of all functional teams to better recognize and leverage the massive opportunities connected with data and analytics and have the ability and confidence to act on them. 

    The purpose of this training is to help you build a solid understanding of what analytics is and internalize the indispensable nature of data in any modern industry. You will also learn the steps that you – as a business leader – will need to take to ensure that your company remains competitive in the modern world.


    This top-of-the-line training program combines in-class training with a three-month internship as a Data Science Trainee working on real-world projects as a member of the team at Data Science Dojo. This unique experience allows you to not only gain hands-on experience but also lets you develop a portfolio that can give you a head start as a data scientist.

    What Do Students Think of Data Science Dojo?

    data science education

    While the industry has embraced Data Science Dojo, so has its network of over 10,000 satisfied students. Individuals from renowned organizations like Google, Nike, and Dropbox have successfully completed courses and earned a data science certificate in affiliation with the University of New Mexico to verify the skills they’ve obtained.

    Data Science for Everyone

    Data Science Dojo has quickly become one of the most trusted brands to gain an education in this field. Their award-winning programs are consistently ranked among the best, not just by industry professionals but by their graduates.

    Thanks to Data Science Dojo’s approachable programs and helpful instructors, more people now have the knowledge and experience to utilize data more effectively and achieve success in their workplace.

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