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    GSM & GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking Systems

    GPS tracking systems are one of the greatest inventions in recent times.

    GPS Tracking Systems

    Fleet management in particular has greatly benefited from this technology with management costs significantly reduced and service delivery enhanced at the same time.

    On top of that, people can use the GPS system to find their route in a new town or city.

    GPS systems have been essentially useful for tracking purposes and you can now easily locate your prized possessions in real-time.

    As time passes by, the GPS tracking systems are even getting more advanced. Now, tracking of vehicles has been greatly enhanced with the integration of the GSM tracking model to the GPS model.

    With GPS and GSM vehicle tracking modules, you can find the real-time vehicle location using an SMS feature. Only users that have been registered can operate the system.

    In this article, we explain how the GPS-GSM module works and the benefits it brings along with it.

    How does the GSM and GPS vehicle tracking system work?

    The GSM-GPS module uses a microcontroller that is interfaced to the system, allowing the user to inquire about the vehicle location using an SMS feature.

    If you want to know the location of a particular vehicle, you send an SMS containing a template defined beforehand.

    The system will then interpret the SMS and obtain the location of the vehicle instantly.

    You will then receive an SMS containing the GPS location of the vehicle.

    You can have this system installed to your fleet and additional quality products from Eyeride company.

    These products can breathe new life into your fleet management operations.

    How can you track your vehicle?

    tracking systems

    To locate the vehicle, you need a constant stream of data.

    A tracking template will be installed to the vehicle that will always update the GPS location of the vehicle as soon as it receives an SMS.

    You can set the frequency at which this SMS is sent according to your desired range, i.e. every five minutes.

    Is the system secure?

    You should not be worried about having the GPS data shared to unwanted people.

    The system only responds to enquiries sent by authorized numbers.

    To make the system more secure, it has an inbuilt user verification interface that sorts out only authorized numbers to respond to.

    Even if by chance a person obtains the system contact number, they cannot obtain the data unless you approve it yourself.

    Benefits of GSM and GPS vehicle tracking systems

    Quick vehicle recovery

    vehicle recovery

    Every businessperson likes the idea of protecting their assets either from theft or misplacement.

    When you know where your asset is at all times, it enhances service delivery.

    If by any chance your vehicle is stolen, you can locate its exact location using the GPS device, allowing the police to quickly retrieve it before it is damaged. You can do all of this at no extra cost.

    Enhanced customer service

    This device can be easily installed in any vehicle.

    If you have trucks carrying valuable items, you can track their location, route, and delivery status.

    If the truck is stationary, you receive an SMS with this information.

    The customers can also get the precise time of their delivery.

    This makes it easier for them to arrange for pick-ups.

    Easier to keep tabs on drivers

    Having irresponsible drivers is one of the factors that increased the costs of fleet management in the past.

    Now with the GSM-GPS tracking system, you always know the whereabouts of the vehicle.

    This means that the vehicle cannot be abused whatsoever.

    It can only be used for its designated purpose, hence significantly reducing costs.

    Author Bio: Jacob Wehner is an automobile consultant. He has rich experience both in vehicle tracking and fleet management. With love and passion for a writing, he has researched and written many publications  and guest posts for the last 3 years.

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