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    4 Effective Ways You Can Grow a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel

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    In the past several years, the focus has shifted from the written word to visually-appealing content formats, videos leading the way.

    More brands are diversifying their content strategies by introducing versatile visuals such as infographics, social media stories, and animated visuals that appeal to a younger demographic.

    Naturally, channels such as YouTube have become all the more relevant today, and particularly in the gaming industry – but the competition remains fierce.

    What that means is that you simply cannot expect your YouTube gaming channel to explode because you publish videos. It takes a refined posting and content creation strategy to become relevant in this sphere in 2020, especially since more individuals and brands are turning to visual platforms the likes of YouTube, so it’s getting more crowded by the day.

    If your goal is to grow your YouTube gaming channel during such a surge of video popularity, you should turn to the following tips and boost your visibility as well as viewer engagement this year.

    1. Build an authentic presence

    Photo by Samuel Bourke on Unsplash

    Branding is an inherent part of building an online presence, and that includes your YouTube gaming channel.

    Whether you’re an individual looking to build a personal brand, or you work within a gaming corporation, you need to find your unique brand voice, a specific “angle” for your video content, something to keep your audiences interested.

    With so many exceptional gamers out there, you need more than great gaming skills up your sleeve.

    A well-defined brand identity with a clear value proposition is what will make your channel explode in relevance.

    You can use your analytics tools to see what appeals to your target audience the most, and how they respond to your existing videos.

    Use the data to hone your future video creative process to perfection and deliver only the kind of content that gets the best response in the form of shares, likes, and comments. 

    2. Leave a powerful impression with intros

    Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

    Your brand can benefit greatly from subtle, but effective details you can add to your gaming videos. These details will allow you to express your creativity and to discretely promote your brand through those few moments of the introduction to your gaming videos.

    It’s the intro that will inspire people to stay and learn more about your channel. 

    To make the most of the trend, you can use a custom intro maker to transform each of your YouTube videos into an authentic work of art that represents your brand clearly.

    It will also serve to attract your audience and leave that powerful first impression, so that your viewers and followers will be instantly immersed in your gaming world effortlessly.

    Keep it short and sweet, so that the focus still remains on the crux of your content, and you’ll impress your audience even more. 

    3. Gaming is all about the community

    Photo by Stem List on Unsplash

    Like-minded players enjoy a wide array of online games for hours, some of them on a daily basis, many of them actively building a career in this industry.

    You already invest a substantial amount of money in the right gaming equipment and the games themselves. It’s safe to say that establishing your presence in such a thriving world can mean the difference between building friendships or, hopefully not, making enemies. 

    If your channel exudes arrogance and you rarely consider the opinions of your peers, or you simply ignore questions and suggestions in the comment section – you risk alienating other gamers.

    Whilst you’re probably looking to become a known gamer with a YouTube channel that deserves global attention, you should always remember to respect your community every step of the way. 

    4. Use other channels to grow your YouTube

    Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

    Although you can certainly grow your YouTube video base only, why miss out on the opportunity to use all other social networks where people gather to talk about games, share game-related content, and exchange tips and ideas?

    Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, you name it, there isn’t a social platform out there without a buzzing gaming community. 

    Make sure that you have an all-encompassing strategy that includes your presence on other social networks.

    You should use those profiles and groups to share videos you publish on YouTube, and to establish yourself as a valid gaming authority across a vast number of social platforms. This is a slow-paced strategy, but one that will yield results for your YouTube gaming channel in the months and years to come.

    Finally, build a newsletter to share the latest videos posted on your channel with your subscribers for even more visibility and exclusive content.

    More than ever before, you need perseverance and creativity to grow your YouTube gaming channel in 2020 and beyond.

    Considering the number of small businesses using this very network to build their video libraries, influencers using YouTube as a place to educate their audience, and gamers eager to earn a sponsorship, you need to be strategic with your approach, too.

    Use these tactics to make your own YouTube channel more memorable and engaging for your target audience, and to build a gaming community that will slowly but surely grow your exposure over time. 

    Sophia Smith
    Sophia Smith
    A graphic and UX designer and a lifestyle blogger. I am also an aesthete and photography lover by heart who absolutely loves everything that includes visual communication. Besides that, I love sharing meaningful content that inspires people. I have contributed to a number of publications including Women Love Tech, Legal Reader, Businessing Mag, Hive Life, Ruby Connection, MindX Master and many others.

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