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    Get Long Service from your Printer with 9 easy Tips

    If you want your printer to serve you for a long time without failing, you should perform routine maintenance and observe easy to follow procedures. Printer failure will mean your work will lag and this can be very frustrating. The cost of a new printer can be high, especially if your printer is more heavy duty.

    1. Clean your printer

    Clean a minimum of one time per month, or more times if your office or home is dusty, or your printer is used for high volume printing. A combination printer and scanner have glass parts that need to be cleaned daily with a damp cloth.

    Follow the cleaning instructions stated in your printer manual. If you have lost the manual, check online for instructions. Most companies that manufacture printers have a help link on their site where you can find information on care and maintenance of your printing machine.

    Only use a soft brush and dry cloth to clean the interior of the printer.

    1. Keep the paper feed tray closed

    Dust and fragments from our environment tend to collect in the printer and if left unchecked, can cause damage. To prevent dust from collecting inside your printer, you should keep the paper tray closed. Leaving it open also widens the printer’s footprint.

    1. Observe caution when changing the Cartridge

    When replacing a used cartridge, check to ensure there is no excess ink. Do not use force when fitting the cartridge into its slot. You could damage some parts if you find yourself applying pressure.

    1. Store Printing Paper Properly

    Printing paper should be stored properly in a dry place. Exposed paper could collect moisture, which might cause the paper to get stuck during printing.

    The paper you use should be crisp and the edges of the paper should not fold. Never recycle paper. Though it’s good to be frugal, in this case, it will cost you more than it might benefit you.

    1. Always use new cartridges

    Another instance, where it does not pay to save money, is reusing cartridges. When you refill a cartridge, you expose your printer to spills that could be damaging.

    1. Run test prints every few days

    There are some businesses, like book printers, that will run their equipment regularly, while printers owned by individuals may not be as busy.

    Do not allow your printer to stay idle for prolonged periods of time, as this damages the ink and also encourages clogging.

    1. Do not forcefully remove jammed paper

    In case paper jams in the printer, do not use sharp objects to pry it loose. If you experience difficulty when trying to pull it out, try turning the roller.

    1. Keep away from water

    As you well know, water damages electronic equipment. When cleaning, keep your printer covered to prevent coming into contact with water.

    1. Unplug from power

    Always unplug your printer when not in use and keep it covered.

    About the author

    Hans Miles has been an IT consultant and expert in printing equipment. He has deep understanding of the challenges faced by owners of printing equipment such as book printers and offers his valuable advice on his website. Visit his site to read more.

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