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    Fresh Ideas for Tired MLM Businesses

    There is no denying that in spite of all of its critics, MLM has grown up to be a quite respectable beast in the business game. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to find a single family which has not been, at least in some capacity, involved with it or which has bought one of the products offered by an MLM brand. Still, it is also very hard to deny that MLM has been here for ages, and the army of its followers has not always been able to keep up with the times and current marketing trends, making this commendable beast a slumbering giant. Let us see then what can you do to rise above such competition and finally push your MLM business into the 21st century.

    Create a Personal Website

    One the biggest problems of network marketing in this day and age is the fact that the large majority of people still associate it exclusively with direct sales. Do not get us wrong, there is nothing particularly wrong about direct sales, but limiting yourself only to this marketing approach means limiting your customer pool only to the crumb of its fullest potential. These days, the biggest marketing battles are being fought in a virtual environment, so in order to enter this battlefield you will first have to find a firm virtual foothold in the form of a personal website.

    Establish Sustainable Website Traffic

    Of course, your website will not be of much use if it is not generating enough traffic, so let us see how you can invite visitors to come by and see what you have to offer.

    • Provide useful content. When they face a problem, people first try to find a solution on the web. If you regularly post useful and well-written content which will give the right answers to dilemmas, or simply be an interesting read, your website will quickly become a go-to place for all those interested in your niche.
    • Devise a social media marketing strategy. Your posts will get much better exposure if your followers share them with their friends on social media. Motivate them to do so with various incentives and giveaways.
    • Ask for blogger endorsement. If you manage to convince a blogger with an already established follower base to write a review of your products, let you post your content on his/her blog, or even guest-write content for you, you will be able to easily tap into that follower base.


    Undergo Multi Level Marketing Training

    Today, every business requires constant self-improvement and multi level marketing is no different. As a meter of fact, rapid technology changes and a heavy reliance on individual results make MLM even more dependent on constant personal development. If you invest some time in MLM training you will be able to easily adapt to new situations, make the most of your network, and manage your team much better. Speaking of…

    Nourish Your Team

    We have already mentioned that MLM relies on individual performance. We did not mention that that is a good thing, though. You see, most people fail to make a living out of MLM because they leave their sales networks unchecked and unnourished. You would be surprised just how much success you can achieve if you treat your MLM business like any other business and organize regular meetings, seminars, team-building exercises, and, why not, even “Friendly Fridays”. Sure, every team member makes his/her own earnings, but if your recruits learn how to work with each other and not against each other, they will be able to accomplish wonders.

    These were some new ideas, and a few things people need to be reminded of in order to succeed in network marketing. Pay attention to them. Network marketing has a great potential, it just needs talented and creative people to make it work.

    Marcus Jensen
    Marcus Jensen
    Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He’s running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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