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    7 Free Windows Tools to Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Repetition of tasks in any work place can make you bored so to solve this problem we have compiled this list of 7 Free Windows Tools to Automate repetitive tasks.

    People find tricks to manage it with their special abilities and skills but it’s fussy while operating your office work on the Windows platform.

    There is a heap of similar workload and 80 % of that needs the same moves on your PC.

    Those who face these kinds of issues may only understand how productive it would be if they have something interesting to make such tasks easier and less time-consuming.

    Windows is such an operating system with vast possibilities in operations.

    Now, you have special tools to effectively administer the repetitive tasks with just a single click on these tools and applications.

    In the collective mode, it’s uncountable if one calculates the amount of time lost in such repetitive tasks by doing the traditional ways.

    But these tools when triggered at your desktop can do amazing things by increasing your productive outcome and making you a star performer at the office.

    Now, tasks like adding text to the applications, renaming a group of files, creating powerful scripts, converting or editing loads of images etc. can be easily managed within minutes.

    So with these 7 free Windows Tools to automate repetitive tasks, reclaim your lost time.

    Windows Tools to Automate Repetitive Tasks:

    1. GrepWin

    To locate or replace texts in files and documents

    windows tools to automate

    Situations like finding a particular file or a document with a specific phrase or word can take hours as you have to go through hundreds of such official folders.

    Most of the time, this process delays your work and overall performance.

    People think that the file location is recorded in their memory but it naturally skips out from your brain.

    You are pretty sure that the file is safe on the PC and you haven’t deleted it yet but then where are those particular documents or files.

    Here, grepWin is an amazing Windows Tool to automate repetitive tasks assist you in managing such tricky mess.

    Developed by the Unix Systems, it manages all such conditions in a single go.

    It allows you to search the whole directory based on a single word or phrase.

    This tool works specifically serves the purpose as the GUI testing tools. It automates the searching process with the graphical user interface.

    2. Phrase Express

    Ease you in repetitive additions of a similar text

    Copy paste or re-writing the texts repetitively while typing reports, emailing, filling certain points in an application form or indulging with programming is something which needs to be managed smartly.

    These things consume your loads of productive time and the same process is too performed hundreds of times in a single day.

    Such issues can be operated with special windows tool named as Phrase express.

    It is a clever tool which makes the text expansion much easier for you on pressing the special keys you have designated to a special phrase or word.

    This application comes in a special testing version and freeware versions.

    They are identical in their performance but the freeware is only preferable for the non-revenue generation purposes.

    3. Bulk Rename Utility

    For renaming your bulk files

    Stuck at the office in managing the older records or receipts and documents and well this isn’t over as you need to rename each and every file.

    Sincerely, what a messy situation?  Sheer wastage of time but it’s part of your job and needs to be accomplished in a given time constraint.

    But now you have Bulk Rename Utility a personalized windows tool to automate repetitive tasks like renaming all your bulk files.

    This application uses flexible filters and operations to make things controllable.

    Now, you can simply replace or re-write numbers, insert texts, phrases or words and much more is on the way to amaze you.

    With this, you can handle infinity folders, subfolders and literally any number documented files for renaming them perfectly.

    4. MP3Tag

    Simplify your editing of the Music ID3 tags

    As per variable music tastes, managing with Music files also depends on how you manage to listen to your favorite track.

    With advancements in technologies, people like streaming music but some like to download that specific track and make a collection of the best.

    This collection goes on increasing day by day and your device is loaded with such files.

    Such management of the music files tagged variable can be a burden for you while stacking them effectively.

    You get to edit the ID3 tags with these music files and this is to be done every single time you need to download a single file or an album.

    MP3Tag allows you to edit these tags on the bulk music files.

    5. ID3 remover 

    To remove  ID3 tags from the music files

    The same way you edit the ID3 tags on music files, this application allows you to remove these tags in bulk mode.

    You just have to select the album or the entire folder of music files and ID3 Remover will assist you in this operation.

    It’s very hectic as firstly you have to search for the ethical download link, download the file and remove the tags of every particular file.

    This particular Windows Tool to automate repetitive tasks helps you in managing tag removals and allows you to make the notable changes with these tags.

    6. Format Factory

    Formatting or Converting media files in bulk

    Media converters are all the bygone tools which separately convert or format audio, video files, and images. But now you get a single handy tool which manages all these tasks and it converts them in the formats recently popular among the geeks.  With Format factory, you don’t have to manage two or three tools for converting music or video files. It’s just the single stop for your every conversion needs. Get set with this windows Tool to automate repetitive tasks on your PC and easily convert your bulk files in minutes.

    7. Bulk crap uninstaller

    To manage bulk crap apps

    Every official or personal system is piled up with unwanted applications, which one must have installed to make stuff easier.

    But they make your PC a messy place and it even hampers its smooth functioning.

    BC Uninstaller assists you in performing the uninstalling process even if the apps are in bulk.

    Make the swift move in cleaning the unwanted apps on your device through this tool.

    That concludes our list of Windows Tools to Automate some of your days Repetitive tasks and make your work day so much better and your more efficient. 

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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