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    6 Free Web Tools to Simplify Your Life

    The use of internet has become so extensive that most of the stuff of everyday life can be availed through World Wide Web. Due to the advancement of internet speed, you can easily do many complicated tasks directly through internet. In the past, dedicated software were needed to perform activities such as photo editing or logo designing which can now be easily done with the help of web tools to simplify your life.

    web tools to simplify your lifeWeb tools are actually those software applications that work directly through web browser. Just open the site and perform any task which was not possible without setup installation of software in previous times. Now you can organize your official as well as personal data directly on web without using any app. There are many web tools to simplify your life, present on internet but all are not useful. That is why a list of some interesting and powerful tools is mentioned below:-

    web tools to simplify your life

    This website is simply amazing and very useful for every kind of user whether you are a professional or student. The portable document file conversion tool of this website is capable of performing following activities:-

    • PDF to JPG
    • JPG to PDF
    • Word to PDF
    • Excel to PDF
    • PDF to excel
    • PDF to word
    • Split PDF
    • Merge PDF

    From the above points, you can get the solution of almost every document conversion. Just click any of the option, upload your file or simply drag & drop at the page to convert it in any desired format. You can also get the files directly from a web link, dropbox or Google drive.

    web tools to simplify your life

    Every frequent internet user needs password to protect their account from being visible to others. It is possible with the help of a robust password which cannot be hacked easily. Generally, it is seen in many cases that people use very common passwords such as their birth date, last name or the name of their pet. In this case, the chances of being hacked become much higher. The free password generator is a great web tool to simplify your life by creating complicated passwords. Open the website and assign the length of password, and include the following stuff:-

    • Symbol
    • Number
    • Upper case
    • Lower case

    After filling up the required fields, just click on generate secure password button and you will get a secure password for your account instantly.

    web tools to simplify your life

    Avatar maker is a free online tool to create different avatars for both male and female genders. Just visit the website where you need to select your gender with a simple click and you will be directed to the avatar creation page. There you will get various options to edit:-

    • Face
    • Eyes
    • Hairs
    • Clothes
    • Shape
    • Back
    • Mouth
    • Nose
    • Ears

    Various skin tones are also provided below the avatar so that you can choose a suitable one. After the completion of editing, click on download option where you will get options to download the avatar in 400 X 400 or 200 X 200 format.

    web tools to simplify your life

    This web tool is specially designed for tattoo lovers who want a preview before piercing a tattoo at any part of their body. This is not a complicated task and you can do it by following 3 simple steps:-

    • Design your tattoo
    • Upload your photo
    • Get the image and see how your designed tattoo looks like.

    Click at try now button on home page and you will be directed to a page where the options of adding text, image, tattoos or quotes will be provided. Choose the right option, apply the changes and get your tattoo preview instantly.

    web tools to simplify your life

    If you want to resize a pic and don’t want to use irritating photo editing tools then this will be proved as best web tool to simplify your life. After opening the site, you will get the options to:-

    • Upload a single pic
    • Upload fron direct web link
    • Bulk zip file

    Choose any of the option which is suitable for you and upload the file. There you will get the options to crop the picture according to width and height. Assign the parameters and click on crop image to resize it. There is also an option to apply the filters such as colorize, lomo, vintage and cross process etc.

    web tools to simplify your life

    Designing of logo is always considered as a complicated task which needs lots of technical skills. But this myth is proved wrong by cool letters website that provides a wide range of options to design an impressive logo. Enter the name of logo in search bar and click on get started button to initiate the process. You will get a large number of options to select the designs, choose anyone and click on the customize button for further editing. Adjust the logo according to the options provided for editing such as:-

    • Logo text
    • Font size, text padding
    • Line spacing
    • Choose font
    • Rotate text.

    After editing the whole logo, click on download button to get it in your hard disk memory.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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