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    8 Free Tools For Organizing Your Inbox

    Email is the most important and the most convenient way to communicate with your friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. At present, mostly email is used for office work like communicating with clients and other company professionals. Without emailing, life is actually impossible as it is through your email only that you can create your respective ids on your Smartphone and the apps which you download on your Smartphone.

    Apart from that email is the best and the most effective way to send any kind of invitation regarding any kind of event as you can attach any kind of file like images, videos, word files, excel files, etc with your text and that can be of any size as well. But sometimes these email threads actually disturb and irritate you as we get bombarded by infinite emails every day and we don’t know how to manage or tackle this problem.

    Due to some unimportant emails, sometimes we skip or even delete our important emails which can turn out to be really bad for us. This problem of excessive emailing actually can land you under stress and plus your inbox gets overloaded due to the excessive emailing. So, in order to solve this problem, there are certain free tools in the market which can make your inbox look organized and will also help in blocking the email address from where you do not want to receive any kind of email in future. So, here we are providing you with a list of the top free tools for organizing your email inbox.

    8 Free Tools For Organizing Your Inbox:-

    1. me

    tools for organizing

    This app or tools for organizing will actually make your email inbox look quite organized and you can download it absolutely free of cost. Firstly, this tool will help you to unsubscribe those unwanted emails that you get from the newsletters for which you have subscribed. Unsubscribing each newsletter one by one is actually an impossible thing, so this app lets you mass unsubscribe these newsletters which you never actually read or even open. This unsubscribing will actually make your inbox fell less burdened and also well organized as well.


    1. Follow Up Then

    tools for organizing

    This is another quite convenient tools for organizing for your email inbox which is also totally free of cost. This is basically a reminder tool which actually reminds you and your clients if you want to follow your important emails. You just have to add in the tool as to which email address you want to mark as important and let the app remind you about the same. For this, while composing an email, you just have to add @followupthen.com in the BCC or CC fields and you are sorted.  By doing this, you will always get a follow up from that email address.


    1. Hubs Spot Sales Free

    tools for organizing

    These are actually quite amazing tools for organizing due to its amazing features. This tool actually lets you know who all open your emails, when do they open and even how many times do they open. Isn’t it interesting? By downloading this app or tool, you will actually get live notification regarding your email status as to whom all opens it and when do they open it. Apart from that it also has a very convenient feature through which you can get all the information regarding an email address by just clicking on that email thread. This app gets integrated with Gmail and Outlook.


    1. IFTTT

    tools for organizing

    IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is a quite interesting tool for your email inbox. This amazing tool helps you connect with the various apps and devices used in your everyday chores. IFFTTT is generally called recipes as this tool is actually a productivity tool for your email inbox. This tool makes a lot many manual tasks regarding your emails fully automated which in turn saves your time and energy. So, all in all this app is quite useful and convenient to use and also it free of cost.


    1. Google Inbox

    tools for organizing

    The most used email website is Gmail created by Google, so due to this, Google created a free tools for organizing exclusively for the Gmail users, so that they can organize their email inbox properly. This tool has actually created a new inbox system in which your inbox is divided into various categories like important, task-focused, starred, etc.Apart from that, you can simply put off the notification to snooze regarding any email which you do not want to read at that particular point in time. It also has the reminder feature as well.


    1. Gmail “Special Stars”

    This tool is basically an add-on feature to your Gmail which in turn divides your inbox into multiple categories according to your requirement. “Special stars” feature is a methodology developed by Andreas Klinger who decided to label the inbox with quite interesting and fancy names. This app will actually change your way of seeing an email inbox drastically and making your overloaded inbox into zero one.


    1. Sortd

    tools for organizing

    Sortd is an improved version of the Gmail “Special Stars” tool and in this, you need to label or mark your emails as specials manually. This tools for organizing is an inbuilt default tool which means it already exists in your Gmail and due to this it automatically marks all your emails according to your requirement. It divides your inbox into certain categories depending upon their nature, making your inbox look clean and organized. This is actually the most demanded free tool when it comes to organizing the email inbox.


    1. Sane Box

    tools for organizing

    This is another amazing tool to organize your email inbox. This tools for organizing sorts out all the emails lying in your inbox in a proper manner and arranging them in a proper sequence on the basis of their priority. This tool makes certain folders like Sane News and Sane Later in which automatically your emails get saved in the required folder as the tool first analyzes the email on its past interaction and saves it accordingly. Download it from

    So, these are the top free tools for organizing your email inbox.

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