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    10 Free Software to Delete Files Permanently

    If you delete files from the recycle bin it’s still completely possible to recover those files so long as the Hard drive has not been over written.

    Once a deleted file is over written by something else then it is difficult to recover that file. You need help from a professional who is an expert in recovering deleted files.

    This becomes a big issue when you want to sell the hard drive as someone is able to recover the data. It will be really embarasing  to think that someone is able to access your personal data.

    Many of us have various kinds of data that we just don’t want to share with anyone else.

    These may contain passwords, personal information, financial documents, bank details, poems, artwork or much more. So we never want  any stranger to have access to that data.

    So the best possible solution for this problem is that you should permanently delete your files in the most secure way to stop anyone from accessing your data on your hard drive.

    This article is about the 10 top free software to delete files permanently from your computer and to make 100% sure that no one will be able to recover them.

    10 Free Software to Delete Files Permanently

    1. Files shredder

    free software to delete files

    File shredder is a free software to delete files which allows you to remove files from your system and hard drive so in future nobody will be able to access theses files.

    There are also some software that can recover your data from windows OS as we know that the delete option of a system is able to delete all files on permanent basis. But now file shredder will not allow anyone to recover any deleted data.

    2. Eraser

    10 Free Software to Delete Files Permanently

    Eraser is free software that empowers you to completely remove the sensitive data from both your system and hard drive.

    It is free software to delete files and remove data from the hard drive and writes it several times so it becomes almost impossible to recover that data. So now you can use Eraser to erase your documents for complete deletion.

    3. Wipe file

    free software to delete files

    As the name says, this software will easily delete your files forever. It has 14 different wipe methods to perform its deletion task.  The software is absolutely free and also very compact in size as its just 310 kb in size.

    4. Bit raser

    free software to delete files

    It permanently deletes files from your system and any trace of them. I would say that it’s a really powerful tool and free software to delete files as it cleans data from email tools.

    It even erases all trace of internet access. What more can you expect, as it erases data permanently and erases peer to peer tools, erases traces from MS apps. Remove app traces and also remove chat messages.

    5. Free Eraser

    free software to delete files

    Free eraser is a simple program like recycle bin. But in terms of its uses its far better than recycle bin as it can delete file permanently.  Whilst a recycle bin has always an option to recover your data. You just need to drag and drop things to free eraser tool for permanent deletion.

    6. Secure Eraser

    free software to delete files

    Secure eraser actually provides dual benefits. Firstly it works as a file shredder and deletes files permanently and secondly it also works as registry cleaner.

    It is free software to delete files & it easily deletes data permanently, as it also overwrites the disk so that it can’t be recovered again in future.

    This software overwrites the data 35 times.

    7. PrivaZer

    free software to delete files

    PrivaZer cleans and removes all traces of internet and various documents on the hard drive. It frees up disk space and ensures that your data can’t be recovered again.

    PrivaZer removes the visualization of residual traces and acts as a smart cleaner. Whatever it deletes, it overwrites the disk space so that data cannot be recovered again. It also easily deletes USB history.

    8. Remo file eraser

    free software to delete files

    Remo file erase is a safe and accurate file erasing software, which is available at free of cost. So it’s a free file eraser tool that can erase all the data from your hard drive and also rewrites the hard drive so no-one will be able to recover your precious data.

    There is also an option to wipe entire partition or hard drive. It also has a built in scheduler to erase data as per the scheduled time set by you.

    9. Permanent delete

    free software to delete files

    Permanent delete is another noticeable tool to delete files and rewrite the hard disk. It supports a drag and drop feature so it’s easy to use. Just drag and drop your file and delete them forever. It supports 3 types of deletion process and each process becomes more and more secure. Importantly, it ensures that your precious data won’t be recoverable.

    10. Moo0 anti recovery

    free software to delete files

    Moo is great software to erase all you data beyond recovery. It’s a free disk cleaning utility that wipes the free space on your disk drive. It offers multi levels of file shredding. So there is no risk that anyone can access your sensitive data.

    I have now mentioned all of the best, free tools to delete files permanently but if you feel I have missed any or any other tool that needs to be in list then just write down their name in comments section below.

    Caution – once you delete data files with any of the above tools then it will be almost impossible to recover again.  So it is advisable that before deleting any of your precious data you should check that you don’t need it anymore.  Ensure that you don’t need that data in future.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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