There are large numbers of popular server monitoring tools available in the market and you have infinite option to choose the monitoring tool which serves your best purpose or which suits according to your needs. The question which arises here is whether you will build a customized monitoring tool or whether you will buy it commercially. This depends upon the amount which you can invest in the monitoring tool. If the investment cost is low, then you need to buy the server tool which are quite basic in nature and generally does not fulfill the requirement of your business and for a customized tool you need to have a large investment cost.

To solve this problem, certain IT organizations are now server monitoring tools which are totally free of cost and can be customized accordingly. These tools are far better than the basic tools for which the companies have to pay in order to buy them. So, in this article we will let you know the seven best free server monitoring tools available in the market. Do check them out.

7 Free Server Monitoring Tools:-

  1. MONIT

It is one of the best server monitoring tools for UNIX systems available which totally free. This monitors your server and along with that solves many other problems like automatic maintenance and repair. If you need to monitor more than one server at a time then you can use the extended version called M/Monit. It generally takes action in error situations. It is used to monitor daemon processors apart from monitoring files, directories and other systems.

  1. MUNIN

Munin means ‘memory’. This monitor server is useful for those organizations where they prepare daily/weekly/monthly performance charts or reports in other words analyzing resource trends. The best thing is that the reports are prepared automatically and the monitor is very simple to access.  It is a kind of plug and play server. It comes with a memory disc space, CPU usage and other server applications. Through Munin performance of your computer can be easily monitored on a daily basis and immediately signals when there is some default.


This server monitoring tools is suitable for cluster and grid type of organizations and it is difficult to check the whole cluster performance at once. The technology used in this monitoring server is XML for data representation, XDR for compact and portable data transport. This server uses engineered data structures and algorithms to get high and accurate results. It is widely used to connect the clusters across various universities and campuses. So, the main functions of Ganglia include- Monitoring, detecting changes, informing about the changes, Take action accordingly.


This is a very commonly server monitoring tool used to improve the network performance. It is basically a cost friendly server but a bit difficult to install and understand instead Nagios XI is a much more compatible server with added features which makes it much easier to manage. On the whole choose Nagios XI for a complete monitoring, graphing, alerting and reporting solution If you are technically sound then this server is the best for you.

  1. US

This is also a free server monitoring tools build up by Team Viewer. It is most compatible with Windows and Linux servers as it is a cloud based server. It normally give access to your CPU and memory disc. No update or configuration is required in this server. So, if you want to up time your website, improve the server health, improve your computer network performance and make your system fast and effective, then Monitor.Us is the best server tool for you.

  1. CACTI

Cacti is simply a server monitoring tools used for graphical representation and for data collection. It is designed to reduce the power of RRDTools by providing multiple data acquisition methods which are quite unique. It is compatible with LAN networks as well as the complex networks at the time of installation. Cacti store the data in a MY SQL database. It is quick and an easy to access server tool and you can make up all kinds of graphs and charts in diversified ways.


Observium is a low maintenance server monitoring tools. It is compatible with Linux, Windows,HP, Dell, Net App, BSD, Cisco and many more networks. It can be used along with Nagios for comparison in graphs and other reports .It is build up to maintain the health status of your network in order to provide world class high performance.  It is also compatible with Collected server monitoring tool as well.

So, try these free Server Monitoring Tools which are easy to download and even easy to get access with.


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