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    10 Free Online Data Backup Services to Safeguard your Data

    In this day and age, So many things become easier only because of technology. All this has become possible with the help of computer tools and online services. Data Backup and its services are essential for every business to prevent from accidentally loss or data failure. There are a couple of other disasters like fires, flood or earthquake that can also destroy your digital data. Switch to cloud storage services that offer you to create online data backup.

    Online Data backup services provide you 24×7 accesses from anywhere and any device. Most of the people are using common strategy to save their data; they had choose one data backup service for photos second for document and another for encrypted document. Backup tools are important especially for System Administrators, who is working in large organization to handle large amount of data. Looking for best data backup software or tool? Scroll down and choose your best free online data backup service depending upon its upload speed, security, bandwidth, performance and storage limitation. Let’s jump into to ensure their features.

    Online Data Backup

    10 Free Online Data Backup Services to Safeguard your Data:

    1. Dropbox

    One of most popular and demanding online data backup tool is Dropbox. Most importantly, this is absolutely free. Any kind of data, folder or file can throw to this. They all are automatically synchronized by Dropbox servers. This Cross- platform service provides you 2GB free storage to start. Checkout the standard and cool features as below –

    • Share screenshots quickly
    • Cross-platform
    • Find everything that you have shared
    • Keep your files or documents safe
    • Customize notification
    • Choose selective sync to save space
    • Remote wipe
    1. Fwbackups

    Cross platform & fully featured packed Fwbackups is free and open source backup tool especially for Linux and UNIX user. Users can contribute by testing it.  Perceptive interface of Fwbackups offers you to do backups easily. Rich quality of Fwbackups –

    • Flexible in data backup configuration
    • Simple, attractive and user friendly interface
    • Remote Backup
    • Entire file backup system and more
    1. iDrive

    Another free online data backup tool for all devices to protect your data is iDrive. This free iDrive service offers you free 5 GB storage to start. It automatically identifies the modified parts of your document to sync in real time and back. Use this secure storage tool to get premium plan. Additional Standard features are defined as following –

    • Store and transfer files with 256-bit AES encryption
    • True archiving
    • Support to live chat, FAQ, Email
    • CDP (continuous data protection) enabled
    • Easy to use and attractive interface
    • One click upload begin
    1. Backblaze

    Backblaze data backup tool offers unlimited Storage capacity to each kind of files. Backblaze is wall from all sorts of disasters. You can change settings by browsing software’s customize settings. Nice features of Backblaze are mentioned as following –

    • Upload speedometer to show fast data speed
    • Support to 2048 bit RSA public/private encryption key
    • Easy to use interface
    • Buttons to change customization setting
    • Save all kind of user files
    1. Allway sync

    Allway sync is personal & free online data backup tool to prevent data from loss, crash and other natural disaster. Start synchronization on Allway sync just by one click. Additional cool & nice features are as below –

    • Synchronize data between desktops, Laptops, different online storage and remote FTP servers
    • Tracking of new modification and deletion
    • Simple to set up and easy to use
    • Bi-directional performance
    • True synchronization
    1. Crash Plan

    To save from all crushes and to store at single place, Crash plan is one of user friendly data backup tool. This cross platform and high performance software allows you to get access on your mobile too. Before to download check out the following features –

    • Unlimited storage
    • Stepped up data security
    • Support to external drive backup
    • Family friendly synchronization
    • User friendly interface
    • E-mail alerts and deleted files protection
    • Automatic and continuous Sync
    • Restoring and many more
    1. Open drive

    One of the affordable & free online data backup tools from large organizations to small businesses is open drive. It offers you web access without any restriction. Highly remarkable features and services of open drive are –

    • Great online storage capability and 5 GB free storage space to start
    • Support to online editing
    • Simple interface and secure
    • Linked to e-mails, social networks and websites
    1. Sugarsync

    Sugar sync is cross platform backup tool that allows syncing files or folder with just one click. This featured packed tool offers you 5 GB free storage to make changes or adding files. For premium plan scroll down to check out the features –

    • Restore data and recovery
    • Folders an file sharing
    • Sync files across multiple devices
    • Top priority to security and protection
    • Easy to use and customer support
    1. Mozy

    Mozy support to both window and Mac users for individual business to small businesses. Great features of Mozy free online data backup tool; it is very light in weight and offers high speed. Despite from its speed, other features of Mozy are mentioned as following –

    • Outstanding and stunning security
    • Manually or schedule updates
    • 256 bit AES personal encryption key
    • Inexpensive premium plan
    • Cross platform compatibility
    • Sync and share with media restore
    1. Spider Oak

    If you are looking for secure featured free online backup tool then spider oak will suits to your data. Spider oak is safe room to store unlimited and any type of files or folders. Additional feature includes –

    • Private and secured
    • Hub of managing options
    • Enterprise protection
    • Sync in real time
    • Cross platform
    • Instant access from anywhere
    • Reliable and open source
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