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    8 Free HTML Editors for Linux

    The demand for websites is increasing worldwide, and here we present 8 Free HTML editors for Linux as the tools of building them are also evolving to a higher level.

    The HTML aka hyper text manipulation language is one of the best ways to create web page. You can see many editors of this language which varies on the basis of their ease of use and different features. All leading operating systems including windows, Linux and Mac support it but with the help of specific dedicated tools. The HTML editors for Linux are generally available for free because it is an open source operating system. All you need is to identify and download the best one.

    Web developers and designers are using this language since a long time because of the simplicity and ease of use. Just open the editor application, write the HTML in given space and save the file for execution purpose. Linux is the most robust OS for computing devices that is why most of the programmers prefer it for creating professional level web pages. Currently, HTML 5 is in trend and there and you will find many editors supporting it. As being new to this field, everyone may face some confusion while choosing the best HTML editors for Linux. This article is specially created to end up the confusion in a better way. Just scroll down and see which one suits to your requirement:-

    HTML Editors for Linux

    The 8 Free HTML Editors for Linux are:-

    For both programmers and developers, this is the best editor to use in Linux. It is a powerful editor which can perform multiple operations including writing:-

    • Web pages
    • Scripts
    • Programming codes

    Most of the Free HTML Editors for Linux do not support multiple platforms you can configure it with everything i.e. windows, open BDS, Mac OS and Solaris. The developers release its latest updates at least twice in a year so keep in touch with the official website for downloading genuine editor.

    This is a code based editor which is very popular among developers due to the extensive capabilities. You can build editing of various languages with it such as:-

    • PHP
    • HTML
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby on rails

    Both standalone as well as eclipse plug-in version are available to download from the official website. Before downloading it, make sure to specify the architecture i.e. 32 or 64 bit as per your operating system. Also they offer to download titanium for creating native mobile applications for android, black berry and IOS.

    This is among the Free HTML Editors for Linux that are made with the modern approach of websites designing. It is a powerful editor but very light weight so you can use it for executing heavy projects without any issue of hang or crashing. It is made up of JavaScript that has following properties:-

    • Inline editors
    • Live preview
    • Processor support
    • Multiple encoding support

    One can easily enable and disable the default extensions through brackets which is a highly customizable benefit.

    For the developers and programmers who are looking for the most robust HTML Editors for Linux, this is the perfect one. You can create and update documents directly on web with the help of this awesome tool. One can rely upon this editor because this is working since 1996 and still people prefer it for reliable web page development. It is open source software that can be integrated with all possible platforms. It basically supports:-

    This is among the lightweight and full of features HTML Editors for Linux that you customize with the help of different plug-ins. Already more than 100 million websites have used it according to their requirements so don’t worry about the reliability. They offer you to start free trial for satisfaction purpose. Moreover, one can take a complete tour from official website to know more about the working and benefits for specific website. It is very easy to install, just copy and paste the snipped available on site and it will start working perfectly. The best part of choosing it is that you can learn new techniques of using HTML editor by joining the community of experts.

    For the special requirement of today’s complicated tasks of HTML editors, this is the perfect option to choose. Atom is actually a hack able text editor which enables you to explore and customize its all comprising features.  Most of the HTML editors for Linux are not able to work as cross platform but this one is really different.  It has a built in package manager that enables the user to search any authorized package within the software. It assures that the package you are configuring is genuine and reliable to use. Some interesting features that you can get from it are:-

    • Themes
    • Packages
    • Open source
    • Customizable
    • KompoZer

      HTML Editors for Linux

    This is an ideal tool for those who are searching for a text editor comprising all essential features without requiring third party application. Beginners can easily enhance their experience of HTML editing with KompoZer. It is helpful in creating web page with impressive components in short time period. You will find it as the most reliable technology that is improvised by the community of worldwide community of experts. Due to the integration of file management via fundamental transformation protocol, you can login to the website and start editing page through browser. Some interesting and useful features that you can get with this tool are:-

    • CSS editor
    • New color picker
    • Customizable tool bar
    • Clean markup
    • Automatic spellchecker
    • Light table

      HTML Editors for Linux

    With all latest features of HTML editing, this has become one of the best HTML editors for Linux. It consists of many smart features that enable the user to perform multiple tasks which are not possible in other traditional editors. Here are some amazing features that every web developer will love to use in their next project:-

    • Embed anything
    • Highly customizable
    • Connect with creation for instant feedback
    • Easy personalization
    • User friendly and beautiful design
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