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    12 Free Data Recovery Software for Secure Data Recovery

    Information stored in our computer systems or Mac book sometimes gets deleted and that information which was being deleted means something to us. In that case we usually panic and loose our state of mind. Even when we format our systems, we tend to loose the data which is important to us. There are many data recovery software present in the market these days. Be it your favorite music or some important excel sheet, software recovers it all. Discussed below are 12 Free Data Recovery Software which shall prove beneficial for you to recover your data whenever you are in the condition of lost data.

    12 Free Data Recovery Software for Secure Data Recovery

    12 Free Data Recovery Software for Secure Data Recovery:


    Even if you have emptied your recycle bin, recuva helps to restore all the files, music and necessary data in any format within few minutes. It can restore all the information from any media which is rewritten such as memory cards, USB and external hard disks. If you have any damaged disk, then Recuva can help you in this. If your file is lost somewhere between the security you applied, then Recuva will help you in this.


    This is a very quick recovery engine. This is a perfect example for speed and accuracy. Recovered file can be easily stored in its original path. Search box present in it quickly lets you discover where your deleted files are present. You can preview all the files in the form of trees before restoring it. Quick scan helps in listing the deleted files in few seconds. More than 50 formats of files are included while dealing with Puran File Recovery.


    There are endless situations where your data may get lost such as – virus attack, system crash, device damage, failed boot ups etc. Once disk drill is installed into your device, scans all the deleted or lost data in few minutes. More than 200 file formats are recognized by disk drill. You can activate your recovery vault so that even if your data is accidentally deleted, it makes copy for all your files and even when your recycle bin doesn’t contain that file, copy of that file will always remain safe.


    You can sort the data on the basis of size , format and search for the results in the delete files. You can connect removable disks and recover all the deleted data from it in very less time. File systems such as NTFS, FAT are supported by Glary Undelete.if your file is forcefully deleted by the attack of virus, it recovers that data too. It is tested by 30 anti virus software and is reported free from virus.


    No download is needed in mobile version. it just comes with a space of 5 12 MB which can be restored at any moment. Once the installation steps are complete in the personal computer, you can restore all the lost data within few clicks.


    It will help you undelete the files from external storage media such as memory card, hard disk and pen drives. This software is as small as 500 KB file. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and MAC book. You just have to download the file and for every OS, there is different file to download.


    You can recover up to 2 GB of data before upgrading it. It has got the interface with which people are most comfortable. It supports all the version of windows. You can easily undelete the files from external storage media as well. You can also manage the disc space. If you want to run two OS simultaneously , then ease us is the correct platform to manage and partition properly.


    It has the fastest scanning speed. It saves a lot of time. It shows you complete details about the possibility of recovery of data. Also it promises you 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by the services provided by it. The customer support is 24/7 and you can feel free to contact them anytime. You can restore the deleted information even from your Emails.


    There is no complicated method to recover the files. Just follow some simple steps and you ll have the desired results in short time. Restoration can help to recover the files from Memory cards , pen drives and Hard Disc. This software is a freeware which compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system. No installation is required to run this software. You can simply run it from floppy disc.


    It restores all the files and other data even from the deleted portion of recycle bin. FAT16, FAT32, NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0 file systems are supported by this software. The files which are recovered are saved to the user directed paths. It is a freeware and there are no hidden costs to use it. No special skills are required to use this software. It is compatible for Windows Vista, XP , 7 and higher versions available till now.


    The interface of ADRC is simple and easy to use. You can undelete the files, copy the data, back ups and much more with this software. It is a 5 in one software which is useful in performing multiple tasks with an ease. If you still feel unsure about the usage, you can follow the steps present on the internet.


    This toolbox is beneficial for recovering the lost data from CD, DVD. Even if you are having a scratched or completely damaged source, it will help you to recover all your data in few easy steps.

    Discussed above were 12 Free Data Recovery Software . you can do your homework by evaluating its features and services. These are the best recovery software and will help you out in getting back your data.

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