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    10 Free Cloud Based Tools For Physicians

    Using a server is now quite old among the modern day physicians. Nowadays physicians are adopting the extremely advanced cloud based techniques or tools to maintain the health records. In other words we can say that the future of health world lies in the cloud. The cloud based technology is much more advanced, affordable, reliable and secure than the usual server based tools. 90 percent of the people who practice medicine use these cloud based tools for their daily work. There are a lot number of free cloud- based tools available online which are very easy to download and are quite accessible as well. These cloud-based tools are totally new and fresh and will keep you updated regarding the new technology. Do check them out.

    10 Free Cloud Based Tools For Physicians

    10 Free Cloud-Based Tools For Physicians:-

    1. Mention

    Mention is quite an in demand cloud-based tools. The main features of this cloud based tool include that one can easily prepare reports regarding health and these reports can be easily shared among your clients, colleagues and management automatically. This tool also gives you live updates about your brand on social media and other web pages. All in all you can monitor your brand online.

    1. Box

    This cloud based tool is amazing for those physicians who want to store high definition files as this tool provides you with the feature of great storage up to 10GB. You can store and share the files online with HIPAA-secure, PHI compliant service. It has also recently launched DICOM viewer for higher picture resolution.

    1. PDR

    PDR is Physician’s Desk Reference which is now digital. This cloud-based tools provides you free drug assistance, interaction alerts, and tools to identify pills. The best thing is that you can easily download the PDR app on your Smartphone. All kind of information regarding any kind of drug is available on this website which is easily accessible and plus the information is always updated.

    1. Doximity

    Doximity is quite a popular cloud-based tool used by a large of physicians all over the world. This cloud-based tools just like Mention, automatically updates your personal profile on your social networking sites. Apart from that it also sends your customized CME journal, salary and other information to your personal web page.

    1. Buffer

    Generally physicians or doctors don’t have much time to keep access with social media due to their busy schedule and major commitments. To overcome this problem, a extremely creative cloud-based tools has been developed which allows you to post your online messages in advance and you can schedule the time as to when it should be posted. This tool then automatically posts your social messages on your social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

    1. Google Apps

    To have an easy access to your spreadsheets, calendars, Google Apps provides everything which you can ask for. Google Apps has basically replaced the old and traditional and most used Microsoft Office. This cloud-based tools has newer and highly advanced version of Microsoft Office. You can do coordinate all your work under Google Apps like your presentations, documents, surveys, etc.

    1. Asana

    This cloud-based tools are suitable for those physicians who have set up small and private clinics. It is not only used by the physicians but by other small scale businessmen. In other words it is the best tool for a sole-proprietorship kind of business where you can create and manage your own personalized to-do list and manage other things as well and complete them on time i.e before the deadline.

    1. Expensify

    This cloud-based tools are best for keeping a track on your daily expenses. The tool is quite accessible and is even available in the form of an app for your Smartphone as well. Now instead of keeping hard receipts which is quite difficult, you can keep a record of your receipts online. One can make hi/her expense reports which in turn will benefit while filing a tax return.

    1. Figure 1

    Figure 1 is a cloud-based tools which is widely used by medical professionals all over the world, around 50,00,000 of them. You can coordinate and compel various medical caes through this highly creative tool. It has an in-built privacy tool which keeps your information safe and secure as it uses HIPAA compliance for service.

    1. Practice Fusion

    This is the best cloud-based tools one has ever experienced. It uses the HER technology based system and is trusted by more than one lakh medical professionals all over the world. This tool provides you with features like charting, scheduling, lab ordering, e-prescribing and much more. It uses the ICD-10 compliance service and is even available in the form of an app for your Smartphone for easy accessibility. So, this tool helps you to connect with your patients and provide them reliable service as in when required.

    So, these are the top most 10 free cloud-based tools available for the medical professionals around the world which will help them to make their medical profession accurate and reliable. As a medical professional, you should be updated or have access with the latest technology which in turn will let you treat your patients properly. Apart from that you can keep a record of all your information, whether it is the expenses, documents, files, medical cases, personal profile, etc. So, all in all these cloud based tools help you build up professionally as a doctor along with being active on social media which is a part of your promotion. So, do download these tools to make your medical business highly successful.

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    Robert Malcolm
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