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    10 Facebook new updates that every user would like

    Facebook is a tag that makes adamant efforts to make it the standing one in the market with all its new inventions all the time among the people.

    To get the best out of this diverse social media site, one need to know what all features are being updated and what are the new introductions in the personating app, Facebook.


    Here are some updates that are recently being presented by the company for its users:

    1. Change in privacy policy: To make your account security more compact, some changes are being implemented in the privacy policy. The sharing and tagging feature that everyone lures to customize is being modified as per the user’s compatibility. Now, master your account with your commands only.
    2. User friendly ‘Buy button’: The purchasing will be made much easier now with the Buy button as the user can make any purchase without signing off from facebook account and thus, making a more secure transaction process.
    3. Bring in to light about your surroundings: Keep yourself updated with what’s going on around your friends and your locality. To keep a better check in, features are being added to give you the relevant information of your surroundings.
    4. Acknowledge the link between various apps: One can easily recover the account information through other apps also and it is necessary to acknowledge the link between them. To make a better and secure experience for the users, the links are being made between various apps and the commitments between them for the information never gets changed.
    5. Manage your ads on facebook: As we all know that the marketing web is spreading so rapidly on facebook advertisement , the users are granted more authority to manage their ads on this very site. They can sell or rent any ad on facebook with any user. The types of ads you want to view on your device will be taken care of and your decision will be respected by the app and thus, will be followed in all the devices you use.
    6. New emoji button: To express your feelings in an ecstatic way, an emoji apart from the Like button is about to be included in your account. Various reactions of human to several posts and pictures by your friends can be detailed through emoji’s only. There is still curiosity among people for the dislike button also.
    7. Reveal your current activities: If you want your friends to know what you are doing at the certain moment, apply it with live streaming feature. At the update status icon, click on video icon and detail your live video to your friends. One can also give some description about the video to make them know better.
    8. Notify yourself with latest updates: Now, you can notify yourself with not only your friend’s activities but, also about your surroundings. Various weather updates, cricket scores, milestones and other upcoming events will be now included in your notification tab of your facebook account.
    9. Tor network for safe transfer: Tor is a network protocol that can make the more reliable and safer transfer of data over the internet from one user to another. The data is being encrypted and transferred to another user and being decrypted to the required form. Onion routing is being followed in this method that transfers the data in a secured way. To access this app on your account, one needs to download the Orbit proxy app available easily on the Play store of the Android users.
    10. Facebook notes: The facebook notes are being modified to more presentable and appealing way. Notes can be designed in more beautiful way and can be made longer now with a brief description about your pictures being made you cover photo in your wall. The notes can be shared with any of your friends or even a group of people. The text editors and the photo editors are being given for the customization.

    This social site is a place to share your thoughts with the people and make them more knowledgeable but, it is not mere a place of making friends. You can sell and buy products and carry out various daily life activities with the easy steps to be followed.

    Aman Sareen
    Aman Sareen
    Aman Sareen is the Smart Insights Expert Digital Marketer advising on more effective eCommerce approaches. He is a passionate blogger Love to travel, enjoy the different continental food and fashion lover

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