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    Everything you need to know about Folding Carton Styles

    If you are in the packaging field, you may have often heard about folding cartons and the various styles in which they are available. If you do not know about these terms, then a single reading of the following article will give you a complete description of the various styles of the boxes.

    What are Folding Cartons?

    Folding cartons are boxes of cardboard or paperboard that can be folded into the required shape. They are shipped flat and then can be assembled very easily.

    What is their Importance?

    Folding cartons brought a revolution in the field of packaging. They have a significant role in bringing the packaging industry to its present heights.

    They were first made in the 1840s by hand. The carton was held together by strings and was often used to carry expensive jewelry and other precious items. Many innovations were made in them later to bring them to their present form.

    What are the styles?

    There are numerous Folding Carton Styles from which the appropriate ones can be selected. The selection of a particular style depends on the product requirements.

    The following are the most common types of styles used in the packaging industry:

    Tuck End Boxes

    These boxes have two openings on both sides of the boxes.

    They can be shipped and stored flat and then assembled quickly at the time of need.

    They keep the products inside safe and secure. They are also easy to carry. Moreover, they can easily be placed on the self of any retail store. They are often used for cosmetics and medicines packaging.

    It has two types as follows:

    Straight Tuck End Boxes – the flaps on the two opposite ends of the boxes are on the same side.

    Reverse Tuck End Boxes – the two flaps open in the reverse direction.

    Tuck Top Boxes

    Tuck top boxes have fixed bottoms. The box’s top side has two flaps folded toward the box. These flaps are then overlapped with a tuck. Such a box is secure for carrying heavy items as they are reliable and sturdy.

    Sleeve Boxes

    These are very presentable boxes that have two parts. One part is the sleeve, and the other is the tray. The sleeve slides over the tray to cover it. The tray may be filled with inserts to keep the products in place.

    These boxes are often used for packing candles, jewelry items, gifts, etc. These boxes are very presentable, which makes them the best option for packing gift items.

    Two Piece Boxes

    As the name shows, the box consists of two distinct pieces. One piece serves as the base that holds the product, and the other serves as the lid to enclose the base. The lid is detachable, which makes them a very easy-to-use box for various products.

    They may be made from any material depending upon the product that has to be packed inside them. Moreover, their shapes and design can also be varied depending on the demand.

    123 Bottom

    Also known as lock bottom or snap bottom box, this box derives this numerical name based on the number of steps to assemble it.

    It is quite a sturdy box that can protect products with greater size and mass. Their styles come with different variations in which the top closure of the box varies in every box.

    Mailer Boxes

    These boxes are often used to ship products, deriving their names, Mailer boxes. They have an attached lid that has flaps. When closed, it aligns with the box base from all three sides.

    Since they are often used for shipping, therefore the material used for them is corrugated. This makes them sturdy, allowing them to safely ship the products over long distances.

    Display Boxes

    The name of the box is quite evident for their function as well. They are used at shops for products that have to be displayed. They are open and often do not have a lid to let people look at the products.

    They can be used for keeping food items, cosmetics, and other such articles that have to be displayed at shops.

    Pillow Boxes

    These are pillow-shaped boxes whose two ends can be assembled to form the complete packaging. They are beautiful and often the best option for packing jewelry items.

    They also do not need any adhesive material for their assembly. Because of their construction, they are often suitable for holding lightweight items.

    You can make them look more striking by using a ribbon, adding an artistic touch to their presentation.

    Seal End Boxes

    One side of these boxes is sealed using adhesive material like glue. The other end is free, like that of tuck-end boxes.

    Because one side is sealed, these boxes are more reliable and provide more protection to the products packed inside. That is why these boxes are ideal for packing heavy items.

    What are the benefits?

    Using different Folding Carton Styles has the following benefits for you:


    The boxes are customizable; as shown above, several styles are available. Moreover, even after you select the box style, the color, design, and other details of the box can also vary.

    You can ask for a particular design, and the company will make particular dielines for your box.


    These boxes are also very cost-effective as they are made of cardboard. Moreover, they can be shipped unassembled. This will allow you to stack various boxes on top of each other. In this way, many boxes can be transported together. Moreover, their storage is also very economical.


    The boxes are also very eco-friendly, made from entirely recyclable cardboard. The material is made from biodegradable wood pulp and, therefore, dissolves in the atmosphere, not causing any harm to the environment.


    All the various Folding Carton Styles have been discussed here. You can select the boxes according to your choice and pick any material for your box. In addition to this, there are other options available as well to make your box look amazing. Add colors, your brand’s logo, foiling, ribbons, etc., to the box.

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