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    Enjoy Flash Videos in Google Chrome – How to

    Chrome-of-GoogleGoogle Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers. It is a treat to surf internet using this browser. Be it surfing web pages, downloading files, creating web accounts, watching online videos, downloading audio files or downloading videos, everything seems easy using Google Chrome. It is often seen that the process of surfing internet i.e., clicking links and reaching different web pages is quite easy in all the web browsers. However, when it comes to downloading something, the process becomes a bit tedious.

    Especially, if you are trying to download videos in the FLV format, or any other format for that matter, the procedure seems quite time-consuming. There are a number of things involved, such as downloading add-ons, reading and understanding the meaning of various pop ups before canceling or approving them, sitting in front of the computer and waiting for hours before the videos get downloaded, etc. In order to overcome all these issues, it is recommended to download Flash videos in Google Chrome. There are certain browsers for which you need to install some add-ons or extensions in order to download Flash videos. However, you don’t require any such installations if you are downloading it on Chrome. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps to download flash videos: Inspect Element The first step is to Inspect Element. Open the webpage from which the flash video is to be downloaded. Now, right click the mouse and click on Inspect Element. Copy Flash video’s URL On opening Inspect Element, you will get an option of swf on its bottom window.

    Now look for the flash video URL and copy it. In case, there are two or more flash videos on your chosen web page you will get a number of swf URLs. You can then look at their sizes and names and select the one that you feel is appropriate as per your requirement. Open the webpage It is now time to open the flash video URL’s webpage in Google Chrome. Paste the flash video’s URL in Chrome’s address bar and open it. The Final Step After opening the Flash video URL, click on the “save page as” tab from the drop down or press Ctrl+S from your keyboard. Then click on the control the current page button to save the video on your PC. The Flash video downloading process is complete. You may now play and enjoy the video.

    This is one of the simplest ways of downloading a flash video in your Google Chrome. However, there is one more way by way of which you can download FLVs in this browser. It is as follows: Use Orbit Orbit is a download accelerator which works on Google Chrome. You can easily download Flash videos using this accelerator. All you need to do is download it and configure it for downloading the shockwave extension. Orbit can be downloaded by logging on to Just like Orbit, there are various other download accelerators available on the internet. You can download them for free and enjoy instant flash video downloading using these.

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