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    6 Playful and Silly Emoji That You Can Use

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    We all know that people use emojis to express or emphasize things virtually.

    In this case, we will dwell more on emojis that adults and kids can use whenever they want to play around or have a little fun.

    Here listed below are five of the best childish, fun, user-friendly emojis that you will enjoy sending to the people close to you. 

    The Pistol Emoji Or The Gun Emoji

    People send this pistol emoji or the gun emoji virtually whenever they joke around or want to have fun. They can tell action stories by sending emojis interchangeably. If you have friends that you vibe with and want to make a storyline using emojis of your phone, then using the pistol emoji on climax parts is a need.

    The pistol emoji at first did not look like a toy gun; it has a different design. Before, it was a real pistol looking gun with a brown handle and silver barrels. Technology developers happen to notice that kids are now using them, and to be safe, they made it into playful water or toy gun in bright neon green to make it more childish and less scary looking for the young users.

    The Bright Red Balloon Emoji

    A Red balloon can mean celebration, playtime, children, and childish games. This bright red balloon with a dangling rope is part of the emojis that are very playful and are suitable for children to use. This emoji is self-explanatory, especially relating it to events such as important parties, birthdays, weddings, school occasions, and more.

    The Party Popper Face Emoji

    This face emoji having a party popper with colorful confetti bursting around it is the most playful and childish emoji users can hold on. This emoji is based on real-life situations wherein party poppers are used in games and parties. This party popper emoji can be added with more playful emojis to make it childish and super fun to look at.

    When using this emoji can automatically show a party and a great time. If ever you are holding a party or an important occasion, you can add this emoji to your invitations to let them know that you want to have a great time with good company. Partying is fun, especially when you have a unique way of inviting people to your hosted events.

    The Three Yellow Shining Sparkles Emoji

    If you have a partner in life that you want to make them feel that they are shining or glowing on pictures, you can comment or send them this cute sparkle emoji to make them feel delighted.

    This emoji illustrates three sparkles in different sizes. The golden sparkles shine in the bright yellow shade and are often used by people to show sparkly things or bezels. You can send this emoji to people whenever you feel that they added shine, glitter, or shimmer to your life. This emoji can also be attached to “thank you” phrases to emphasize gratitude.

    The Empty Stare Face With Gritted Teeth

    An emoji having a bland plane expression, but biting teeth show pain and awkwardness. But this emoji can also imply that the person is hiding something and wants to see the reaction of people who badly want to know what it is. This emoji is commonly used by teenagers to tease their family and friends whenever they hesitate to share details. 

    This playful emoji will get people confused how they would react to you hiding. This Gritted emoji can also be used by kids whenever they break something by playing around and can’t explain to their parents. A childish emoji that not only adults can use but also the younger generations. 

    The Dash Or Rush Smoke Emoji

    The dash emoji can be used by people who are always in a rush. Whenever they run on an errand that they need to go to quickly, they use this emoji to show that they need to head out fast. This emoji can also be applied to text messages or posts whenever you are running late for work, school, meetings, parties, family gatherings, and important events.

    This emoji is used whenever people are playing hide and seek games with kids. Sometimes they post statuses online or pictures showing children playing with this dash smoke emoji as their photo caption. Whenever kids run and play movies, you will see a light smoke on their tail. The smoke whenever people are in a hurry is the reference of this emoji. 


    Emojis come in handy when expressing feelings and emotions, but you can always use it to just have fun. Emojis make people’s lives easier whenever they want to express that they want to have fun or become serious in situations. We hope that you make the proper use of the emojis listed above.

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