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    Email Marketing Automation Tools: The Best Way To Complement Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Email marketing
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    Email content marketing has always been an integral part of digital marketing, but it’s not always been easy to integrate them.

    This is why even one email automation tool can significantly improve your email marketing and help you make it more effective. Here are the best email automation tools to complement your content marketing strategy.

    How Email Marketing Is Related to Content Marketing

    As mentioned above, email marketing is a part of content marketing.Content marketing, in turn, is a part of digital marketing which is why they are all related to one another. However, while content marketing refers to all the content you use across different channels, email marketing only refers to how you use emails in your online marketing campaign.

    That being said, there are points where the two intersect. For example, you could hire one person to write both your emails and your content for other channels like social media platforms, your website, and your blog. A writing service review site like Best Writers Online can be a great place to start looking for a freelance writer for this kind of job.

    What you need to remember at all times is that it is absolutely necessary to keep your email marketing in line with your other forms of content marketing. They have to support each other instead of contradicting – otherwise, your email marketing might turn out to be counterproductive and not as effective as you would expect it to be.

    You need to make sure that the statistics you provide in your emails don’t go against the statistics you post on social media. Or the viewpoint you adopted on a certain matter in your emails should be expressed in the same way on your website.

     Benefits of Using Email Marketing Automation Tools

    Using email marketing automation tools – like Smaily, for example – has many benefits. Here are just a few to consider:

    • Reduced Workload: Firstly, you will be able to reduce your workload. This is very important for businesses that are struggling with low productivity and looking for a way to adopt efficient frameworks for their business processes. Besides, by reducing your workload, you will be able to reduce it for your team members too which is how they will feel more comfortable in the workplace and more satisfied with their jobs.
    • More Time for Other Tasks: The next thing that will happen when you start using email marketing automation tools is that there will be more time for other tasks. This is also in part the result of reduced workload. By having to complete fewer tasks, you will have more time to dedicate to other processes. For example, you will have more time to spend on your social media marketing because your email marketing will be partially automated.
    • Decreased Expenses:Another great benefit of using email marketing automation tools is that you will be able to decrease your expenses. Because you will have a reduced workload, you might be able to hire fewer employees. This, in turn, means that you will be paying fewer people with different programs doing part of the business processes involved in your company. You might also want to switch to digital with many of your tasks which means you will have fewer expenses for various materials (e.g. stationery).
    • Higher Employee Satisfaction Levels:As mentioned above, your employees will probably be more satisfied with their jobs because they will have reduced workloads. Doing the same tasks over and over again every day can be extremely tiring and unfulfilling, so it’s obvious that having an automation tool do it instead can be quite satisfying. In addition to that, your employees will now be able to focus on more creative tasks which will make their jobs more enjoyable.

    Best Practices of Using Email Marketing Automation Tools

    Describe the best practices of using email marketing automation tools (e.g. automating part of your tasks, creating a schedule, and so on).

    • Automating Part of Your Tasks: One thing you need to remember when you decide to start using email marketing automation tools is that you only need to automate part of your tasks rather than trying to automate everything at once. If you choose the second way, you might start automating some elements that actually need more attention and have to be customized on a regular basis. You need to learn to separate these different tasks than can be automated and those that need to be customized.
    • Creating A Schedule: Another one of the best practices of using email marketing automation tools includes creating a schedule. If you have a schedule, you have a specific plan that you can follow which will give you a direction to be moving in. A schedule for email marketing automation tools will need to include such things as quality requirements for your emails, the types of emails you create, and the times of the day/week/month when you send out these emails.
    • Hiring Professionals: Many business owners tend to overestimate the abilities of email marketing automation tools and think that anyone can work with emails as long as they use special automation tools. However, this is not true. You still need to hire professionals to perform all the necessary tasks. For instance, you can find a good freelance writer on a writing service review site like Online Writers Rating who will 
      create your emails filling them with all the necessary content.

    Best Email Marketing Automation Tools to Start Using 

    Last but not least, there are some email marketing automation tools that are better than the others. For example, Smaily can be integrated with WordPress and Magento which is why it stands out of the crowd so much. Here are some of the best email marketing automation tools to start using:

    • MailChimp: MailChimp is probably the most popular email marketing automation tool currently available on the market. The tool has a free plan, but you can also try out their paid plan for more options. Basically, MailChimp lets you send drip emails based on such elements as website activity, abandoned carts, and so on.
    • Drip: Drip, much like its name suggests, is an email marketing automation tool specifically designed for drip campaigns. It doesn’t have many features, but the ones it provides you with are more than enough to achieve the right effect. Unfortunately, the pricing starts at $49 per month, so you should only consider it if you have a big enough budget to spend.
    • Sendinblue: Sendinblue is another fairly popular email marketing automation tool, but it is more than that – it is absolutely packed with features. Its main standout element is that it lets you combine email marketing with SMS message campaigns. There is a free plan to try as well as different paid plans that start at $25 per month.
    • ConvertKit: Lastly, ConvertKit is an email marketing solution that combines CRM with emails allowing you to send autoresponders based on the logic you program into them. There are also many other features the tool has that you can make use of. There is no free plan, but the pricing is fair.

    Final Thoughts

    To sum up, email marketing automation tools can significantly improve your email marketing strategy and allow you to reduce your workload to make everything run more smoothly. Follow the tips in this article and you will be able to benefit from email automation tools.

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