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    Educational Tech Tools to Try in 2022

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    The pandemic taught us how to adjust our lifestyle to remote and hybrid modes of learning. When it hit us, the world had already embarked on digital transformation, so COVID-19 all but accelerated the process. We now live in an interconnected world where our individual digital footprints are becoming larger than ever. Education is no exception.

    According to the Census Bureau, up to 93% of people in households with school-age children reported their kids engaged in some form of “distance learning” from home during the pandemic. The number of college students involved in fully online or hybrid learning programs is also on the rise. 

    Conditions are now right for developing and using educational tech tools to meet the demands of the changing reality. The year 2022 promises to reach new heights in terms of expanding the range and sophistication of available tools. See the list below to find out what you cannot absolutely miss in 2022.

    • Kahoot

    Kahoot is a brilliant, game-based learning platform used by many schools across the world. It uses a range of intelligent quizzes and fun learning games to assess or review students’ knowledge. It is an enjoyable alternative to traditional, classroom-based studies. 

    The platform is designed to be so easy as to enable almost anyone to create a fun game. Play-based learning is known to be one of the most effective and efficient approaches in education, so Kahoot should definitely be at the top of your list. In addition, Kahoot can be played using web browsers or a mobile app. 

    • Mote

    Mote is an audio toolkit for educators and learners. It allows both tutors and students to create and share audio notes. Teachers can use it to complement comments shared via Google Docs or Slides. Audio notes can be transcribed in more than 20 languages, including all the major ones. 

    Mote can be used in any field of education. It is an instrumental tool for language teachers who can record audio notes to explain how a word of a phrase should be pronounced. Students can respond by recording and practicing their pronunciation. Music teachers use voice notes to sing back rhythms for students while tracking who is listening and who isn’t. 

    • Quizlet

    Quizlet is an AI-based learning platform that uses a suite of tools, including flashcards, games, quizzes, and practice assessments. More than 60 million students are using one or more of these tools to advance their learning. Interestingly, Quizlet claims that 90% of students using the tool report higher grades. 

    One of the clear advantages of Quizlet is that it lets you use the flashcards created by other students. You must not be the first one struggling with the challenge, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just build on what has already been developed. 

    By using Quizlet, students can thus save a lot of time. If you are running out of time to find a reliable online writing company to complete your essays, read Trusted Essay Reviews to select top professionals who will do the job on time, do it at reasonable prices, and meet the academic standards of your school.

    • Canva

    Canva is a handy tool for graphic designing with plenty of pre-developed professional templates and images designed to get you going quickly. You will enjoy the animations and effects for texts and images for their presentations. 

    Users of Canva can change the text, colors, and layouts as they see fit. The pro version offers lots of additional features.

    Does technology affect student learning in any way? Surely, it does. It does in many ways, and the impact is usually intended to be positive. Canva is a great example of advanced technology, which makes the learning process easier and more accessible.

    • Wizer.Me

    Wizer.Me is a cool app that teachers can use to create visually appealing worksheets.

    There is so much you can do with this app. Whether it be videos, audio files, or images, there are numerous creative ways of developing them for student assignments. Wizer.Me offers a large gallery of interactive worksheets and question types.

    Another cool feature is that you can embed them into Canva, another of our recommended tools. Teachers have the option of adding image labels for students to fill in. Thus, they save a lot of time because the questions will be graded automatically.

    • Headspace

    You might not think of Headspace as an education tool, but what it does and offers is crucial for you to create a conducive learning environment. Every student knows that approaching studies with the right mindset is crucial. So does every teacher.

    Students can use Headspace’s meditation and mindfulness exercises to be able to concentrate on their classes. Teachers can also use them to reach and maintain their equilibrium by controlling their anxieties and getting enough sleep. After all, there is no such thing as effective learning through distractions. So, use Headspace to get rid of distractions at all costs.

    Final Remarks

    In today’s technology-driven world, the learning process has also become fast-evolving. It is impossible to keep up with all changes and updates without using advanced educational tech tools. They are designed to ease access to a broad range of resources. You do not have to be a pro to be able to use most.

    The same goes for tutors. Traditional, classroom-based courses are not obsolete. Face-to-face contact still has tremendous value, and it always will. However, a truly effective and efficient teaching process is now impossible without the use of tech tools based on interaction, requiring minimum skills, and intended to be fun in equal measure. 


    Joanne Elliot is an accomplished educator and a professional writer. In addition, she has an impressive background in computer science and artificial intelligence. It is a combination of these experiences that makes Joanne’s articles, reviews, and blogs a joy to read. Follow her blogs to bring yourself up to speed on all the latest developments that can help you with your studies.

    Joanne Elliott
    Joanne Elliott
    Joanne Elliot as a freelance writer and digital marketer, has used her years of experience to help many people. She offers businesses, including startups, the advice needed to improve business functions and other aspects. Joanne enjoys swimming and watching movies with friends.

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