Playing flash games is one of the most favorite entertaining thing which one can enjoy online. But what if you need to enjoy the same thing even if you are not having an internet connection?

download flash games

You can easily do this, the requirements for this is nothing else but a geeky mind behind it. Didn’t understand? don’t worry, let me explain.

Steps to Download Flash games

In order to download a flash game, you just have to find out the link of that particular file, there can be following procedures to make it happen:

1. Go to source code of that page and find out the link (Put your efforts to get it).

2. Go to, copy the link of the page where your game has been placed over the net, choose ‘Objects’, click ‘get it’, Now you will be available with the direct game link, right click on it and go for ‘save link as’.

Playing Flash games offline

1. Very few people know it, that even you browser can open your flash files for you (but it must be powered with appropriate flash player extension), however, if it could not be able to do it, even then there is an alternative to do it which has been explained in the second point.

2. Now comes the case when your browser is not able to play your flash game for you, then simply click here and download SWF Opener software, its free to download and use from the link given here.

You are done! Enjoy playing your games offline!