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    Do Fountain Pens Really Improve Your Handwriting?

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    Handwriting is an art that requires the right tools. Fountain pens are one of the many tools available, and it comes with a large set of benefits. But are these pros enough to improve your general handwriting?

    What Is a Fountain Pen?

    Fountain pens use water-based ink that is held in an internal reservoir. The metal nib that distributes the ink is the important part, especially for a Lamy fountain pen. The original fountain pen was meant to add convenience by removing the need for a separate inkwell. Modern fountain pens have gone a step further by making refilling their internal reservoir much easier. There are even some options with replaceable ink reservoirs that can be taken out like printer ink cartridges. A high-quality fountain pen can last for years, with the flexibility to be used in multiple projects.

    How Does It Help with Handwriting?

    Fountain pens can be easier to write with thanks to the different weight, nibs, length and shapes. Instead of a generic one size fits all, they go all in on providing as many options as possible. That means there is always a ‘perfect’ fountain pen out there for any individual, no matter how specific their needs.

    If you have wrist or arthritis issues, fountain pens are the way to go. They don’t require a lot of pressure to write, so hand fatigue is a thing of the past. Repetitive motion disorder can turn into a serious health issue, so minimizing the damage with fountain pens is a smart move.


    Ink colors for pens vary by brand and type. A red for one pen may be completely different than a red from a competitor. This is problematic in multiple ways, as both bright and dark colors vary across the board. Fountain pens tend to have more consistent colors, even when you go to different brands. This is a big deal! No one wants to have three different shades of blue on a current project since it looks unprofessional. And from a personal point of view, it is distracting to the point of being infuriating. Ink matters both in quality and color, and a fountain pen delivers with both.


    Normally, a malfunctioning pen leads to a brand-new purchase. Fountain pens are not made to be disposable one-use tools. You don’t need a special kit to clean them, and taking them apart can be done in seconds. Fountain pens that are well maintained will last for several years. Whenever something goes wrong, you can resolve it quickly and get back to work. Fixing a jammed fountain pen is completely different than a clogged faucet. And the number of times a fountain pen will be jammed will depend completely on how well you take care of it.

    A Worthwhile Improvement

    There are a ton of ways to improve your handwriting. Getting a fountain pen is one of the best, with results that are instantly recognizable. If you need to make a subtle change to your handwriting, then grab a fountain pen that matches your work ethic. 

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