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    Disable Caps Lock Key on Mac OS X

    Mac OS X is usually used by professionals. One might wonder why anyone would want to disable a certain key. Caps Lock key is given in the system to have some use. This key is very sparsely used by MAC users, but the main idea behind disabling is not the presence of the key. Disabling is required because one tends to accidentally press the key and that may cause discomfort and irritation at work. Imagine typing some text and later realizing that you have to retype it because you have accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key. One has to again type the text in lower case. This is the reason why most people prefer to have the Caps Lock key to have no action.
    The steps involved in how to disable caps lock on Mac OS X is very simple. The steps are simpler when compared to disabling Caps Lock in Windows. When you want to do the same in Windows, you will have to use registry hack. Any key can be mapped to some other key if a person wishes to disable it. When you want to disable the Caps Lock key in Mac OS X, you can remap this key to some other key. Here are the steps involved in disabling the key. You can do it in two simple steps.

    Step 1: Head to System Preferences
    The starting step for disabling Caps Lock in Mac OS X, is to head into the System Preferences options. After reaching this, you will see a keyboard icon in the list. You will have to click on this icon.

    disable caps lock on macosx
    Step 2: Changing Caps Lock
    When you have reached the keyboard panel, you will see Modifier keys button at the bottom of the window. You will have to change the action of the Caps Lock key. You can change Caps Lock to ‘no action’ if you do not want the key to do any function. Otherwise, you can make the key follow any other command. The key can be remapped to Option, Command or Control Key, etc.

    disable caps lock on macosx 1

    These steps will change the function of the Caps Lock key or disable it altogether. Disabling Caps Lock key means it will not have any function. Many people refrain from doing so. It is either because they are not aware about the procedure of changing the caps lock key or because they feel that the task of changing it is too tedious. However, as you have seen in this article, the task is quite easy and can be completed in a few simple steps, so if the Caps Lock key is disturbing you or hampering your work, disable it and work smoothly.

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