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    Custom Travel Maps: Tips on Creating Your Own

    custom travel maps

    All of us have a deep-seated need to explore the world and find new adventures.

    Nothing can kill that feeling like being stuck on your couch with nothing to do or going outside in the wrong weather. When you’re looking for a way to get out there but don’t know where to go, it’s time for some custom travel maps! This blog post will give you suggestions or tips on how you can make your own map.

    This blog post is an introduction to creating custom travel maps using different software programs. It provides readers with information about what they should be doing before starting their project and how they should plan out their design to look professional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Why create custom travel maps?

    custom travel maps

    Many of you might wonder why you should create custom travel maps when there are many maps available online. Well, custom travel maps come with many benefits that you can’t get from a standard map. You have the opportunity to provide your own personal style and be creative in how you design it. It’s also an excellent way for travelers who are looking for new adventures but don’t know where they want to go yet, or people who grew up in one place their whole lives and now feel like exploring more of the world – this is a perfect option!

    How to create custom travel maps?

    • Selecting software programs:
    custom travel maps

    The first thing you should do is find the right software program such as map creator tools or any other that fits your interest. Try to explore the features and functions so that it is easy to work with them.

    • Finding inspiration: The next step is to find some inspiration for your map. You can do this by searching on the internet, reading magazines or just dreaming about how you want it to look like. See how other travelers are carrying the maps and what important elements they have added. It becomes easy to pinpoint differences when you see maps created by experts.
    • Drawing out a sketch of your plan: Once you have found an idea that you really like, draw a rough sketch to know what size paper and how many pages are needed. Once you have a clear plan in mind, you can implement the details on the software and complete it stepwise.
    custom travel maps
    • Planning out what kind of layout would look good: Think about how you want your map to look. Do you want it all in one color or with different colors for the countries? Or maybe just simple black and white lines that are easy to read at a glance?
    • Including descriptions and text: The final step is to ensure that every area has some description of what is there – whether it be cultural landmarks, natural wonders, or other points of interest. The text should also include how far away each place is, if applicable, and any travel warnings for visitors (such as anything dangerous around). You can map multiple locations if there’s a weekly travel plan on your mind.

    Tips and tricks for creating your unique travel map:

    custom travel maps
    • Find and download some good images of the area: While creating custom maps, it is essential to know where you are creating the map. To make it easier, you can download high-quality images of that area and find all the details so that you create a perfect map with everything in place.
    • Choose your own style: To make your map unique and to show that you have put in the time, effort, and research into it, use an original design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors or fonts.
    • Include travel warnings: If there are certain things about a location that might not appeal to everyone (such as insects), mention this on the map for those who will not want to deal with these issues while they’re traveling.
    • Add text to add meanings to your map: You can use text to add more of a narrative or description. The text should flow naturally across paragraphs/lines without any breaks or line spaces between them. Consider using more than one paragraph per idea where needed; don’t worry about breaking up sentences into multiple lines unless there are grammatical errors when doing this.
    • Avoid using too much information: You mustn’t overwhelm the viewer with too many details on your map. This could make it difficult for them to read and comprehend what they see and take up space that you would otherwise utilize for visuals.
    • Educate yourself about the area to create an accurate map: Ensure that all rivers are labeled correctly, roads are drawn in geographically correct locations, there’s enough landmass shown around mountains, so people know where they’re going when they climb those peaks – everything!
    • Include landmarks/points of interest:
    custom travel maps

    You should include anything notable within this region, such as natural attractions like lakes, rivers, hiking areas, sports activities, and many more. You’ll find that people will use your map as a guide and never get lost in the area.

    • Include an interactive element: Make sure you include points of interest on the map, which may require an extra layer for convenience purposes. It’s also worth adding things like weather conditions at different times of the year with icons (e.g., snowflakes during winter).

    Enjoy! Once created, custom maps can provide hours of enjoyment as well as providing inspiration for future destinations. These types of maps also serve as great conversation starters when people come over – after all, how many times has someone said, “I wish I could go somewhere”? Custom maps allow them to see more than just their own backyard.


    Most of the time, people don’t realize the amount of work required to create a custom travel map until they start to plan one. From deciding on what kind of layout would look good to including text and descriptions for each area, there are many steps that go along with this process! But it’ll all be worth it when you’re scrolling through your own personalized world map.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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