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    Cubby: Free Alternative of Dropbox for iOS & Android Users

    You might have used DropBox but now it’s tough competitor has come, Cubby that will give a strong competition to the DropBox. LogMeIn has launched a cloud syncing service. Best part of Cubby is that it will not restrict you in terms of the storage limits when you do syncing between computers. Unlimited Syncing! Impressive. We all know that there so already so many Cloud Sharing services. Have any of them replaced DropBox? You better know the answer. But, Cubby seems to has full potential to replace DropBox and it’s makers also think so. Cubby is very simple and flexible cloud sharing service that offers you 5 GB of cloud storage and available for almost all the OS that would be enough to sync heavy data like videos, songs etc.

    Cubby alternative of Dropbox

    Not just because of this, Cubby will become everyone’s favorite in no minute but there are also so many features that will surely attract many users and will make it different from other cloud sharing apps. These are:

    Features of Cubby – Alternative of Dropbox

    1. High Security

    – Cubby offers high security as it encrypts all the folders with highly confidential key before pushing it on cloud. Only you know about the key, hence no other person can see your data and it will be complete safe from the eyes of the hackers.

    2.  User Friendly Interface

    If it comes to interface then Cubby possess very flexible and user-friendly interface that helps users to adapt themselves naturally without forcing them to change their behavior.

    3. Sync any folder

    – Another highlighted feature of Cubby is that it lets you to sync any of the folder that present in your system by making it a “cubby” and then push it to the cloud unlike Dropbox. These cubbies can easily be retrieved from the cloud, through browser or use can use any Android or other devices for this.

    4. Unlimited Syncing between Computers

    – As I have already discussed that Cubby vanishes your all worries about cloud storage by providing you unlimited  syncing between PC’s. This is the best part of the Cubby which everyone will surely like it. Means, who doesn’t want unlimited transfers between computers?

    5. Recover Deleted Files

    – Yes, Cubby allows you to recover all those files that accidently deleted. So, if your important files gets deleted then you don’t need to get worried because Cubby will be there to help you.

    6. High Storage

    – Unlike other Cloud Sharing services, Cubby offers you 5 GB of storage to sync your heavy data. Moreover, if you invite your friend to come and join Cubby then as soon as he joins the Cubby, you will get 1 GB of additional space. You can send 5 invitations and can gain additional 5GB and total 10 GB! Not bad Cubby.

    Screenshot of Cubby App

    Cubby Alternative of DropboxAlternative of Dropbox vs Cubby

    There are many other  features like Growl integration, file revision history, live sync etc. that make Cubby a strong contender in the race of best Cloud syncing service. Let’s wait how long it will go but I can say it’s awesome features will definitely convince many users to adopt it. Right now, Cubby is invite only and if you want to use it then hit the Cubby website. If you own any Smartphone like iOS & Android device then you can Download Cubby app from here.

    Download Cubby for Android devices

    Download Cubby for iPhone & iPad

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    1. The best feature in Cubby (and competitors lack in this) is that u can create the “someone else shared folder” everywhere in your pc, not only in Dropbox or Sugarsync folders.

      I’ve some invitation, if u want to try, write your email below.


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