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    3 Reasons Why You Should Create Content to Grow Your Business

    Content Marketing

    Without a doubt today a lot more people use the internet for the majority of their daily needs.

    Whether it is to search for a product or inquiry, to order groceries, to order a taxi, or to even purchase a car! The type of transactions that people perform online varies from minuscule to spectacularly large.

    So as a business owner, your priority should be to establish your presence online by creating content that people like and interact with. Unfortunately, even today, some business owners are stuck in the past and don’t believe in the power of the internet. These same owners may even opt for door-to-door sales over mass text messaging, convinced that the former will outdo the latter!

    If you know someone who has this mentality or you -yourself- are someone who believes that content is impotent, then here are 3 reasons why you should create content to grow your business.

    1. Content Spreads Like Wildfire

    There isn’t anything internet users love more than to share a good, relatable, high-quality piece of content. It gives them a form of satisfaction when they share that content, almost as if they -themselves- contributed to the creating of this content. This isn’t by coincidence, this, in fact, is a form of interaction between a business and its customers.

    This is why creating relatable and sharable content is important if you are a business, because when you do so, people will share it, and when they share it, then they will be -in effect- sharing your business. Once your content starts to pick up traction, so too will your business.

    More shares equals more exposure. More exposure means more clients and more sales.

    Creating content in todays digital age is the most effective way to gain exposure and create a buzz, beating out all former forms of marketing like newspaper advertisement, billboard, and even television commercials. 

    2. An Online Presence is Validation 

    Many of you are way too young to know what the “yellow pages” are. The yellow pages were a big yellow book of businesses and their contact information. People would use the yellow pages to search for a business or a product and get in contact with them. Back then, if your business wasn’t in the yellow pages, then you weren’t legit. That’s the truth too! People would have their reservations about you if you weren’t a certified presence inside the book of business establishment.

    Fast forward to today, the internet, and have an online presence mirrors very much that same notion. If you as a business lack an online presence then you will find it difficult for people to trust your business, or that your business is actually legit.

    On the other hand, the bigger your online presence, and the more established you are across social media, the internet, mobile apps, then the more credence you will get from consumers that you are a legitimate business. Focus on having an online presence by creating content online and growing your website and social media platforms. 

    3. Everywhere Access 

    If you create content and post it online then anyone with a smartphone, laptop, mobile tablet, or access to the internet can easily access your content and view it.

    Whereas in more traditional forms of marketing, such as newspapers, people would have to single out that specific newspaper and purchase it in order to see your advertisement or read your article. Therefore access makes the internet a no-brainer in this situation.

    If you are a business owner, then creating content to post online means your business will undoubtedly get more reach.

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