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    Cool Everyday Carry EDC Essentials: Must-Have Gear for Modern Living 

    No one ever knows what might happen in their day when they start it.

    In this modern life filled with numerous uncertainties, it is always important to be adequately prepared for anything that might happen during the day. Are you wondering how you can always be ready for any unexpected event? The secret is having the best selection of Everyday Carry or EDC tools. 

    EDC tools are those tools that help you handle any task that arises in the day with ease. While it is impossible to predict what gear you might need during the day, having the proper selection of tools can increase your chances of navigating modern life. Here are some essential EDC gear you need for your daily tasks. 

    1. Pod Fusion Power Bank 

    In the modern age, leaving your house without your phone is virtually impossible. The only unfortunate thing about smartphones is their low capacity for battery power. If your phone loses its power during the day, you will find yourself in quite the pickle. That is why the Pod Fusion Power Bank is a cool EDC to always have on hand.  

    A power bank will help you charge your devices when on the move without ever looking for an actual wall socket. That will ensure that your devices will always serve without having any downtime associated with low battery charge. Imagine the kind of convenience you will enjoy in such situations! 

    2. Epic Wipes 

    Have you ever accumulated dirt on your hands or belongings outdoors and had to make do with tiny tissues or ordinary wet wipes? That must have been such an uncomfortable experience because of the small size of such wipes. Carrying a pack of Epic Wipes every time you leave the house can make your daily experiences even simpler than before. 

    Epic Wipes are 16X larger than ordinary wipes and are sustainable, toxin-free, and scented with natural oils. Aside from that, the wipes also have eucalyptus oil which has both antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Thus, the wipes will help keep you clean while keeping disease-causing organisms at bay.  

    3. Multi-Tools 

    A discussion on EDC gear for modern living can never miss out on mentioning multi-tool equipment. While multi-tools were originally intended for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts, they have also become popular for regular daily use.  

    A multi-tool will have all kinds of nifty features, such as a folded knife, nail cutters, bottle openers, pliers, corkscrews, and more. Some of these tools might not be useful for you daily. But wouldn’t it be better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them? 

    4. Wristwatch 

    Wristwatches have always been part of the EDC ensemble because they can be useful for one’s daily life. The basic function of a wristwatch is to tell the time. However, modern wristwatches have become even more useful because of their additional features.  

    Some regular wristwatches can help tell the date, while others have small compasses, which can be quite handy if you ever get lost. On the other hand, smartwatches incorporate a variety of sensors that can help keep track of your vitals when outside. You can also use your smartwatch to operate your phone and keep track of your notifications. 

    5. Money Belt 

    A money belt is a useful EDC tool to help you keep everything on hand without carrying an extra bag or filling your pockets. The belt will help you carry your phone, any small bills and change you might have your keys, and any other small items you need for your day.  

    Many people are afraid of carrying money belts because they are afraid that it might dampen their style. They can’t be further from the truth! Unlike fanny packs, money belts are quite stylish and less conspicuous. That means that you can carry one without drawing attention to yourself.  

    6. Notebook and Pen 

    You never know when you might need to write something down. Do you think that you can use your phone to take notes? You are right. However, you might find some situations where using your phone might appear rude and dismissive. With a notebook and a pen in hand, you can take important notes without having to whip out your phone for everything. Those around you will notice how responsible you are, considering how often you take notes. 

    7. Flashlight 

    Finally, never leave your house without a flashlight. While your phone might have a flashlight, you need to be prepared in case of an unexpected crisis. Have you dropped your earrings or lost a pen under your desk? Having a flashlight in hand will help you trace your items quickly and easily. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Having the proper selection of EDC gear for modern life ensures that you are always prepared for your day. Hopefully, the list above will guide you on the most important things you need to carry the next time you are outside. Consider creating a checklist of items to carry before leaving your home from the list above. This will ensure that you always have the EDC gear on hand.  

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