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    Top Connected Kitchen Devices 2016  

    Connected Kitchens, just like Connected Homes, are based on a relatively new concept called the Internet of Things (IoT), which has gained a plenty of traction lately. According to Gartner, connected kitchen devices will contribute to 15% savings in the food and beverage industry. But what we are really interested here is to see how they can help make your kitchen smarter and better.

    Here are the top connected kitchen devices 2016 that should be on top of your Christmas shopping list….

    Quirky + GE Egg Minder SMART Egg Tray

    Quirky and GE’s Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray is one of the simplest connected kitchen devices. It costs just $70 and solves a very common problem. When most people go shopping and are just about to buy eggs at a grocery store, they are often confused about how many to buy as it’s hard to remember how many eggs are left in the egg tray. Quirky and GE’s Egg Minder solves this problem for you. This smart egg tray counts the number of eggs you have at home and notifies you about the number through its app. And, it uses an LED light to point out which is the oldest egg in the tray and has to be taken out first, which eggs have gone bad and which eggs are good.  It also notifies you when you are running out of eggs.

    Drop Scales

    If you’re one of those who love baking, but find it to be a really hard thing to do, then Drop Scales are just what you’re looking for, as they simplify the whole process of baking. Drop Scales are connected scales that automate the whole baking experience. You can just use the recipe book on the Drop Scales app to select your favorite dish and set the connected scales in action.  Drop scales would then mix together the ingredients in exact proportions so that you can bake to perfection. It also gives you alternatives and substitutes the ingredients when you don’t have a particular ingredient with you.  How much does Drop Scales cost? Just $99.95, which is full value for your money.

    IOT kitchen 2

    Smarter Coffee

    Smarter Coffee is a smart coffee maker. It allows you to brew the coffee as and when you need it, on demand, from wherever you are in the world, using your smartphone or tablet. Smarter Coffee’s ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Wake Up’ modes allow you to time the coffee maker to set geo-locations and timings and turn it on anytime you like. So if you are coming home from office, or have just woken up, you will have a hot steaming coffee ready for you. Smarter Coffee brews 12 cups of coffee at a time and costs just under £150.

    Samsung Smart Fridge

    Don’t you wish your fridge was smarter? Samsung Smart Fridge chills your food, but does much more than that. Samsung Smart Fridge has an 8-inch LCD display which comes with multiple connectivity options such as smart TV playback, memos, calendars, internet radio and smartphone mirroring. It’s not cheap though, and costs $3,599.

    LG Smart ThinQ cooker

    LG Smart ThinQ cooker is what is called a “smart cooker”. It is connected to the smart-home controller system through Wi-Fi and comes with its own app using which you can cook your food just the way you want it. LG Smart ThinQ cooker also comes with a cooking management app that allows you to preset the temperature and time frames for the cooking.  It can be controlled or regulated from wherever you are in the house, or outside using a special Smart Diagnosis tool. It even has a self-cleaning feature, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after a leak or a spill. LG Smart ThinQ cooker is not cheap, it costs $1,399 on Amazon.

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