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    Compare between Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

    Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge have been introduced in metal lines that are sharp and lots of glass. Both phones are similar and run on Android Lollipop having 5.1 inch high-resolution displays. Galaxy S6 Edge has two curved – glass edges and readable display. They have specifications of the flagship phone, so what exactly is the difference between the two:

    Metal and glass

    S6 & S6 Edge have matte aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass 4 at the front and back. Get fabulous discounts on them on It is something that the fans have been asking for many years. You will no longer confuse it with smartphone HTC One.


    Both phones have pill shape of Samsung with straight sides and rounded tops. Power button is on the right side. Nano-SIM card slot is also on that side for S6 but is on top for S6 Edge. They house micro-USB charging port and the headset jack below and separate volume buttons on left pine. Two capacitive buttons are joined by central, metal-ringed home buttons for calling recent callers and going back. IR blaster beams light for users wanting to use phones as TV remote. It comes with a 16-megapixel camera and LED flash.

    S6 & S6 Edge are the same in length. Samsung has spiked resolution of AMOLED display & has a 577 ppi density.

    1. Hardware triumphs: Samsung chose its own chipset over Qualcomm Snapdragon to ensure dependable manufacturing pipeline.
    2. Embedded battery: Battery of S6 cannot be swapped being sealed totally. It has larger battery for its size. Handsets have remained lean because of embedded battery.
    3. No microSD card: This feature was omitted for maximizing slimness. It also threw in free Microsoft OneDrive storage of 115 GB.
    4. Camera Quick Launch: Double click home button for launching camera app in under a second from any screen.
    5. Smarter fingerprint scanning: Same home button can now read the fingerprint by placing the finger on the button.
    6. Wireless charging: Both these phones have built in wireless charging using PMA & WPC standards. 20% of battery can be topped up in half an hour.
    7. Camera action: 16-megapixel camera is at the back of the smartphone and has the same resolution as Note 4. These phones that have excellent optical image stabilization. It has 5-megapixel shooter on front for wide angle selfies.


    At the thinnest point, S6 edge is slimmer than S6 though specs indicate that this is hair thicker where it is chubbiest. Use Snapdeal promo code to get it at the best possible price. While holding in hand, you feel that they are thin. Both these models are available in platinum gold to white pearl and sapphire black. Straight -sided S6 has topaz blue and s6 Edge is there in emerald green. The rear surface flashes lights and color. Thus, S6 Edge is far better designed and Samsung should have made it the sole flagship phone.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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