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    CocoFax: Send Fax free with a Mobile device

    Do you think fax machines used to be heavy and output an exasperating process? 

    We also think the same. However, technological advancement has shifted faxing from an old, conventional fax machine to the most convenient, easy-to-carry digital service.

    Being a trendy medium of digital communication with billions of users worldwide, the field of faxing has evolved, and anybody can fax using a mobile device without a machine. 

    Now anyone can fax with Gmail with some top-notch online fax services that are available throughout the internet. 

    Send Fax from your Phone for free 

    CocoFax is that premium online fax service provider that many professionals rely on nowadays! Therefore, it will be an excellent idea to utilize CocoFax when it comes to faxing. 

    So, you never again need to set up those gigantic machines to fax documents because of this extraordinary online fax service provider. The classy innovation provides you the substitute to fax directly from your smartphones. Isn’t it mesmerizing? 

    send fax via mobile phone

    Read on now to discover how you can send free faxes with your mobile device. Let’s get started!

    CocoFax: Free online fax sending application for smartphone users

    To fax with Gmail or for other similar purposes, CocoFax is one of the best-in-class software that can quickly convert any digital device interlinked with the internet into a fax machine. It works as a top-notch interface between analog signals and digital signals. 

    Moreover, it offers a plethora of innovative fax options for Android users that, even professionals who possess a fax machine, want to use CocoFax over other fax sending online tools. 

    send fax via mobile phone

    Top-notch features of CocoFax

    • It will deliver your fax quickly to the recipient
    • It is available on both iOS and Android
    • It efficiently works without heavy machinery, telephonic line, or any printing machine
    • It possesses the most significant storage capacity and can save those incoming files for prolonged periods
    • CocoFax will provide a free fax number to the users sans setting up an isolated landline connection
    • The highly accessible and convenient feature is emailing to fax and fax to email, which has made sending the fax hassle-free, like sending an email
    • You can select digital documents as attachments and send them directly without any printing hassles. Therefore, it safeguards secrecy. There will be no need to expose the data to the outside environment. 
    • CocoFax will never store any data in their databases. So, there will be zero chance of showing plagiarism in your files.
    • Online fax sending is a fun, easy, and economical process.

    How to use CocoFax?

    Follow these steps below to use this premium application easily:

    • Download and install CocoFax – Free Fax App from play store.
    • Open it and utilize your Gmail account to register yourself for free signup with your email id. 
    • Email verification is mandatory
    • Select the new fax option and add text buttons to add documents and a fax body
    • Press the “send” buttons to send it immediately

    Send fax via CocoFax with a smartphone and Gmail

    Step #1

    After installing and signing up for a CocoFax account, avail of its free trial facility of 14 days. Now, you will get the comfort of choosing your own fax number without any hassle. Registering your email id is essential, which requires sending and receiving the faxes.

    Step #2

    Open the Gmail app from your smartphone or open the software in your web browser. Hit the compose email option to compose a mail, which will be followed by opening a new mail sending box. 

    Step #3

    Next, you will be composing your necessary fax document here. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

    In this “To” section, where you generally enter the receiver’s email Id, you need to type the fax number, receiver’s country code in this format: “” Let’s check an example if their fax number is +55 567891, with +55 belongs to the country code, you need to enter: 

    If you and your recipient are both inhabitants of the USA, the sender has to add “1” before the receiver’s fax number. For example, if the fax number is 567891, they need to enter:

    Both the subject line and the body of the fax are optional. Still, you may enter anything as a note to catch the attention of your recipient. However, if you have written anything on the email body, it will also appear as an attractive cover page to the recipient’s fax. 

    Let’s talk about an inevitable part, which is the actual fax document. The process of attaching a fax document is similar to that of Gmail. Tap the “attach” icon from the top side right corner of the browser or Gmail application. 

    The supported formats of sending fax documents are .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .png, and .jpeg. You can also add numerous documents instantly. CocoFax will merge those documents and carefully fax them to your recipient. This is how you can save significant time by curtailing the hassles of sending individual faxes. 

    Step #4

    It’s time to cross check everything that you have written! If those look fine, then only tap the “send” button. CocoFax will instantly receive your mail and dial it to the recipient’s fax machine as leading fax documents. 

    Once CocoFax delivers the fax, you will get a confirmation email from it. Even if it is unsuccessful in providing your fax, you will also be notified! 

    So, you see, you don’t have to wait for prolonged hours and make a call to ensure the delivery. Once the process is over, CocoFax will automatically let you know its success or failure! 

    Concluding words

    In order to wrap up the discussion, it can be concluded that CocoFax is the best software for sending your fax through Gmail. Therefore, it has made faxing hassle-free for a commoner and also feasible for our busy lives. 

    Now, anybody can quickly send a fax to anyone from their mobile phone while sitting in their home’s comfort and if traveling somewhere. Faxing is not limited to the office now! You will get an adequate faxing solution only if you visit CocoFax today and check out their exclusive services. 

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