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    Cloud Solutions and Cloud Computing: The Drivers of Modern Business

    The presence of digital platforms has become evident and has impacted business, education medical science, and many other fields drastically. Now data is stored online and thus, most companies are now looking for computer networks and storage solutions where they can safely store the data. This has led to the rise of cloud solutions or cloud-based solutions.

    These are basically on-demand services, applications that can be accessed via the internet. Cloud solutions offer scalability, security, applications, and resources. This can be accessed via the internet or shared cloud computing infrastructure. Companies can also save on the in-house cost when they choose cloud solutions.

    One of the key reasons companies are going ahead with a cloud solution is that it allows the companies to focus on the revenue-generating part rather than focusing on non-core business tasks. When companies rely on a cloud solution, there is no need to spend on a separate infrastructure.

    Pricing of cloud solutions

    Cloud solutions are good for startups, and even for big names in the business. One of the reasons for this is that it helps in saving the cost. The cloud solution used is based on pay as you go subscription models. There are many cloud solution providers. Any company that is looking into going ahead with cloud solution must consider the following:

    1. Servers in the cloud
    2. Sites/applications in the cloud
    3. Storage in the cloud

    These factors impact the pricing of the cloud solution subscriptions, and hence companies planning to take cloud-based solutions, considering the above-mentioned parameters, are paramount.

    Another advantage of cloud solutions is that it is easily accessible anywhere; all you need to do is have an internet connection paired with smartphones and mobile networks.

    Compared to the big names in the industries, the adoption rate of cloud-based solutions is on the higher side in the small and medium enterprises.

    Types of Cloud-based solution:

    There are three types of cloud deployment modes. Businesses can choose from any of these:

    Public Cloud- It is owned by an outsourced cloud provider and is accessible to many businesses via the internet. The model that public cloud service providers follow is that of the pay-per-model. The public cloud provides services and infrastructure to businesses. Since the user doesn’t have to spend money on the infrastructure, it helps them save costs. The cloud solution provider is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the resources. This is good for small and medium enterprises that operate on a strict budget.

    Private Cloud– Public cloud is a good solution for small and medium enterprises, but at the same time, they are susceptible to threats. If you are looking for a safer solution, then a private cloud is a good option. It offers a controlled environment. Access to IT resources is more centralized. It is in-house, or one can opt for a subscription to a private cloud service provider. Though this expensive, when it comes to safety and security, the private cloud takes the lead.

    Hybrid Cloud– The third popular type of cloud deployment is a hybrid cloud. It offers a blend of both private and public clouds. It provides the benefit of both private and public blockchain. It provides tailored solutions. The hybrid cloud is highly flexible and scalable. It provides enhanced security.

    Concluding thoughts-

    Cloud solutions have become very popular. It not only provides a safe and secure computer network for data storage and exchange, but it also frees the companies from creating a dedicated infrastructure for this work. It eventually saves costs.  Moreover, the cloud solution service provides care of the infrastructure, letting you focus on your core task.

    Kate Westall
    Kate Westall
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