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    Why the Cloud Backup Robot is Your Best Bet for Safe Backups

    cloudWe all agree that the process of data backup, especially on a Windows-powered computer, can be very involved and a tough one. It is, therefore, no wonder that most of us never back our data up, and for the few that try, they abandon the process mid-way. There are so many technical aspects of the process and to a majority of us who are just novice and mild computer users, this is one tough call.

    Fortunately, someone seems to have noticed this problem and come up with a simple solution. This solution is in the form of a backup software program called Cloud Backup Robot which you can download at cloudbackuprobot.com.

    This software program comes loaded with out of this world features that make the entire data backup process on Windows even fun. It also offers flexibility and intuition that makes it the best choice for any Windows OS user regardless of their expertise and technical prowess.

    The Cloud Backup Robot Features

    1-Click Backup Ignition

    As mentioned earlier, most of us fear taking on the backup process because of the tiring lengthy process and steps involved. With this software, however, the process becomes easy. Once you install the software on your computer, it will only be taking you just a single click to initiate the backup process. Needless to say, even the software installation process is also super easy.

    Cloud Storage Option

    Storing backed up files on your hard drive does not really eliminate the threat of data loss. If your computer gets compromised or damaged, the backed-up data is also lost. This is why storing such data on the cloud is an ideal option. The Cloud Backup Robot helps you do just that. It gives you the option to store your data on your hard drive or on a local network server, or even in the cloud, with support of the common cloud storage services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive and DropBox.

    More Security of Data

    When your data is stored in the cloud, you can enjoy more security of such data. In these platforms, your data is encrypted and also protected from access by unauthorized people. At the same time, you get more flexibility in terms of access to your data because most cloud storage services allow access from just about anywhere worldwide and on any device. This makes restoring your lost data a breeze.

    Backup Scheduling

    This software program gives you the option to schedule regular backups at designated times and days of the week. This way, you can automate the entire backup process thus having more time to do your other stuff and work on your projects. This is so cool.

    All said, it is important to understand that no one can tell when they will be hit by a misfortune of losing their data or computer. It is thus recommended that you regularly backup your data to a safe place to ensure that when such events occur, you are not at such a great loss. Cloud Backup Robot is just the right solution for you.

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