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    10 Classic Board Games You Can Play on Your Phone or Tablet

    Classic board games are loved by all generations whether young or old and one never gets bored of these amazing games. Though they are now considered classic they remain always in trend and whenever you play them, you will always feel fresh and new. Basically, these classic board games have come a long way and have been passed on from one generation to another. You have spent your whole childhood playing these beautiful classic games which your parents and elders taught you and now you will further teach the method of playing these games to your children. These classic games are far better and are free from any kind of violence which most of the games have nowadays.

    The best thing is that as the technology gets upgraded every day, the same way these classic board games have been converted into digitized form which means now these games come in the form of an app which can be easily downloaded and played either in your Smartphone or Tablet. So, the magic of these yesteryear board games has not faded it but instead has been converted into a digitized form according to the changing technology and change in taste and preferences of today’s generation. There are a lot of classic board games which are now available online in the form of an app and which can be easily downloaded whenever required in your Smartphone or Tablet. So, here we are providing you a list of 10 Classic board games which you can play on your phone or tablet. Do check them out.

    10 Classic Board Games You Can Play on Your Phone or Tablet:-

    1. Monopoly

    10 Classic Board Games You Can Play on Your Phone or Tablet

    Monopoly is one kind of a Classic board games which you can never get bored of with for sure. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. In the former, it is available in a traditional form with Electronic Arts and the faster Here and There Edition is available in the latter. If you need a complex neck to neck competition type of game, then you can download the Kingdom Builder available on both Android and iOS devices.

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    1. Pictionary

    Classic Board Games

    Pictionary is considered as the easiest Classic board games of its time. It is basically a guessing game in which you have to draw something really bad and your opponent has to guess what it is. That’s all the game is all about. If you want an idea of the game as to how to play it in a digitized form, then try Draw Something game.

    1. Scrabble

    Classic Board Games

    Scrabble, as we all know, is a word game in which you have to make as many new words as you can. These Classic board games have now been upgraded a little as now you have the pass and play option in it and the board and tiles are displayed in the same iconic way and of course, there is no tension of your tiles getting mixed with each other as it is in the table top version.

    1. The Game of Life

    Classic Board Games

    It is basically a dice roller kind of a game but when played in a digitized form, then the fun actually doubles. The app comprises of animated characters and the game is played on a much faster mode than the manual one. The visuals of the game are just amazing and of course, it always keeps the competitive spirit awake within you.

    1. Clue

    Classic Board Games

    The Clue game is quite a classic one as it is full of mystery and adventure. You have to roll your dice every time in order to solve the given mystery by looking into the clues which will help you to solve your puzzle. It is one of the most popular board games of its time because it is quite easy to play and one always enjoy it playing with family and friends.

    1. Scotland Yard

    Classic Board Games

    Though this game is not that popular as compared to the other classic board games, when you start playing it, you will surely enjoy it. It is actually a hidden movement game where you have to run away from your opponent, so that he cannot see you where you are, therefore adding suspense to the game. The online game gives the pass and plays option to the players and is the perfect family game as well.

    1. Ticket to Ride

    Classic Board Games

    This game is not quite old as it was released in the year 2004 but after playing it for some time, you will wish that you had this game during your childhood days. The game is basically a simple set of mechanics and the terms or rules are quite easy to learn as well. You can expand your game whenever you reach a certain level and at every level, you will get to experience something new and different.

    1. Mexican Train Dominoes

    Classic Board Games

    This game of dominoes is going on since ages and according to my view, it will never die in future as well. You just have to match your dominoes till your entire hand is written off. It is quite easy to understand but sometimes the game gets quite deep and tense as well. There are various player modes like single player and multiple players.

    1. Yahtzee

    Classic Board Games

    Yahtzee is a really addictive Classic board games and will give you the best game play experience. The game comprises of custom dice with dice masters as the opponents who you need to defeat and the amazing tournaments which make the game, even more, fun and enjoyable.

    1. Checkers

    Classic Board Games

    This one is an extremely royal and classic game which you will enjoy playing with your friends and family members. The online app has given the game quite a good makeover and it is presented quite well as well. Enjoy the game by clearing more and more difficult levels.

    So, these are the top 10 classic board games which you can play on your phone or tablet whenever you like. Download your favorite one today.

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    Robert Malcolm
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