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    Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

    Google Chrome’s popularity is rising day by day.

    Many web developers and designers use firefox because of its add ons and plugins which make it more easier, flexible according to their requirements. But now many features are available in google chrome and since Chrome’s extension support launched, the browser has become a much more viable tool for web designers and web developers.

    In this post we featured some of the early Chrome extensions for designers and developers and now the latest Chrome Extension LT Debug is featured in this article as it will definitely benefit our readers…….

    What is LT Debug?

    LT Debug by LambdaTest is a chrome extension that provides web developers and testers a unique experience to make their work more accessible, flexible, and fun. It’s designed to aid in debugging and testing web applications – simplifying complex tasks with an intuitive user interface and automation capabilities.

    With productivity tools like:

    • Modify Headers: This allows you to test a particular header for a request on a website.
    • Block Requests: URL-specific blocking
    • Throttle Response: Slows down or speeds up all requests to a specific URL.
    • Add/Remove Query Param: Manipulates URL query parameters with simple methods, and more!

    It replaces the cumbersome debuggers and complicated developer consoles with a streamlined debugging tool that every developer needs to have.

    MeasureIt Chrome Extensions

    You can Draw out a ruler that will help you get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage. It is not fully compatible with ubuntu which causes some issues while using. You can use it independently but it has not any individual support on google extension gallery.

    Firebug Lite Chrome Extensions-this  is  now  defunct.

    Here is an alternative – Firebug download page which is now defunct –

    PC & Network Downloads have put together a list of their 10 favourite javascript debugging tools (essentially a list of alternatives to Firebug!),

    Here’s the link –

    It should prove useful for anyone missing Firebug!

    Pendule Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    Pendule chrome extension is one the best tool for web developers and designers. It displays linked and embedded style sheets of the current page in a new tab. It can view selection source added to chrome’s context menu. This extension can show hidden contents and can remove maximum length attributes.

    Google Tasks Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    Google Tasks extension allows you to access Google Tasks from any web page at any time. It is an official extension of google company which helps to add and manage your task through chrome omnibar, clicking on task icon or highlight text on any web page.

    Resolution Test Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    Resolution Test extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions with an option to define your own resolutions. It enables the developers to view their website in different screen resolutions which help them to solve any issue regarding the view of web page.

    Aviary Screen Capture Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    Take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with applications. Plus convenient access to the Aviary website and tools. Along with screen capturing feature, it also lets you quick launch any of the aviary web editor design application. You will surely love the features of this screen capturing extension.

    Eye Dropper Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    Eye Dropper and Color Picker extension which allows you to pick colour from any webpage or from advanced color picker. It is an open source extension officially launched by google. You can export your color history to CSV and it asks for your permission before cleaning history.

    Wappalyzer Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    The wappalyzer extension will help web developer to inspect web frameworks running on current browsing website. It detects content management system, javascript frameworks and ecommerce platforms. It detects a wide range of applications and can also be integrated with firefox as a seprate version.

    Chrome SEO Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    Google Chrome SEO Extension make your SEO tasks easier with Chrome SEO Tools, includes ‘all’ the stats and data you need. It comes with a wide range of tools that can help you to analyse keyword search and daily SEO tasks. It recieves a number of bookmark shared by facebook, twitter, google, digg and stumble.

    META SEO inspector Chrome Extensionstop 10 best google chrome extensions for web designers

    META SEO inspector is a useful chrome extension to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing. The latest version of this extension has many features such as google profiles are detected and listed in page details and graphics issues are also fixed.

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    1. Wow! Great information.You are right most web designer and web developer are using firefox because his add on is so easy to chrome comfortable because his add on now easy to use.thank for very good informative information.thank for that.

    2. Am I the only one who never uses firefox, because the program is incredibly slow/heavy?

      I mean, occasionally when I want to use firebug, I’ll bust it out, but generally I switch between Safari, and Chrome whenever I run into a bugg


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