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Vortex Cloud Gaming: Beat Quarantine Boredom with Online Video Games

Staying at home in the world’s current situation is the best way to stay safe from the ongoing pandemic. Classes and some office work are now mostly done at home to keep students and employees safe. This makes everything much more convenient for everyone, rather than having

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide for 2020

In today’s world finding a good laptop is one of the difficult tasks. It becomes more difficult if you are searching for a laptop for specific tasks like Gaming or Autocad, etc., because you don’t spend money daily on a Gaming laptop you spend only once in a while.

4 Apps On The Nintendo Switch That You Should Be Using This 2020

The much-awaited release of the Nintendo Switch marked the start of the convertible console. With the Switch, anyone can now transform their handheld device into a docked console easily. This feature drove Nintendo fans, and tech fans alike, on a crazy spiral. Everyone loved the idea of

6 Tips for Your First Competitive Gaming Tournament

In case you’re preparing for your first competitive gaming tournament, these six tips might help. They will come in handy as gaming is not what it used to be a decade ago. If you’re good at playing video games, you can even become a professional athlete. This

Top 5 PC Games to Play on Smartphone

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Rapid mobile hardware progress opened a new massive market for video game developers and here are the top 5 PC games to play on your smartphone. Cross-platform accessibility provides opportunities for reissuing great classic PC franchises and creating brand new multiplayer experiences. The dream about playing all

15 Best Multiplayer Games for Android

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Online games are a craze among the youth as well as the elderly nowadays. Android along with Google Play store is providing the best games one could ever experience in his lifetime. Android has now come up with many different kinds of multiplayer games which can make