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A Brief Guide for Business Owners: Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time and Money?

Content marketing is an effective tool for promoting your brand. If people recognize your business and you have strong presence on the web – your business will thrive. Understand that this is a long process that requires investment, patience and your time. If you were thinking of

How Sales Analytics can Improve Manufacturing

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In the past, successful manufacturing meant spending months examining and testing every process to find innovative ideas and changes to implement. Today, manufacturers can easily improve operations and efficiency using sales analytics. Research has shown that co-creation with sales analytics significantly impacts manufacturing practices. Let’s take a look at how

5 Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

When you think of Instagram as a site, one may not initially think of sales. Why would this huge, 1 billion users social networking site that is geared towards influencers and socializing and photo sharing, be the right platform for you to sell your goods or services?

Six Blogging Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

A lot of you may want to start a blog, but do you know how to find success in your career as a blogger? We have seen way too many people jump into the blogging field without adequate preparation and knowledge. Consequently, the content ends up looking

How to Stand Out with Your Video Marketing Campaign in 2021?

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Image Source   Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing in terms of engagement and conversion rates. This is why more and more marketers look at them as the staple of any solid marketing campaign. Now, this is a field that is constantly

Best Instagram Wall Tool for Events

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The Instagram platform is not only limited to attractive and compelling images but also has a huge room for user-generated content. This is the reason why Instagram is becoming the most favorable choice for all marketers. They have started leveraging this platform to promote their brands, products,

3 Reasons Why You Should Create Content to Grow Your Business

Without a doubt today a lot more people use the internet for the majority of their daily needs. Whether it is to search for a product or inquiry, to order groceries, to order a taxi, or to even purchase a car! The type of transactions that people

How to Win in the Digital World: Why to Focus on Online Teaching

The current world is changing fast, and the time when people and businesses are dependent on innovative technologies has arrived. The kind of online connection people have helps businesses and different companies to reach a wider market. On the other hand, users have a great choice. In

Make Chinese Friends: Top Tips You Need to Know

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If you want to get Chinese friends, be prepared for the fact that Western rules almost do not work here. China is a unique country, and some of the features of Chinese friendships may be really surprising. The main thing you should know is that it is

Top 5 Time & Productivity Tracking Software

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The need for time management software dates back to the pre-pandemic period. Individuals, small and large teams alike found it challenging to calculate the time it takes them to complete their work, which in turn affected their deliverables and the way they handled clients’ payments. Now, with