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6 Ways To Remove Bad Backlinks

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Many digital marketers and website owners aspire to take their websites to the very top of the search engine results (especially in Google, since its algorithm is always changing). Therefore, high-quality backlinks are desired, since they help these marketers and site-runners achieve high rankings in their search

4 Signs It’s Smart To Sell Your Online Business

Despite what all those instagram influencers would have you believe, running an online business is hard — but let’s face it, given that you are currently reading his article, you probably already know that. I mean, running an online business takes a huge amount of time, effort,

Getting Them Through the Door Is Not Enough: 6 Possible Reasons Why Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

A website bounce rate refers to the percentage of its visitors that leave after viewing just one page. Users that leave immediately after reaching the landing page don’t ever become loyal customers, clients, or subscribers, so it’s important for business owners to keep this percentage low. Read

SSL Certificate Benefits – How Comodo SSL Helps to Secure Your Site

The digital space is an ever-dynamic whirlwind that seems to evolve with each passing minute. New technologies come with new threats, and as such new security measures must be put in place to kick these malicious threats to the curb. Just half a decade or so ago,

Pageless web design for the future

The world of web design has been slowly growing and shifting and pageless web design that fully utilizes the digital character of the platform it’s built upon is here with us. The traditional website design much resembled print design – having different elements in different pages. However,