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Things to Know about Algorithm Complexity Evaluation

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Computers and Algorithms are highly sophisticated machines. They are capable of processing, analyzing, and storing huge amounts of data faster than a human being. While the brain and nervous system are much more complex than computers, they cannot match up to the high computer speeds that have

A Brief Guide for Business Owners: Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time and Money?

Content marketing is an effective tool for promoting your brand. If people recognize your business and you have strong presence on the web – your business will thrive. Understand that this is a long process that requires investment, patience and your time. If you were thinking of

5 Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

When you think of Instagram as a site, one may not initially think of sales. Why would this huge, 1 billion users social networking site that is geared towards influencers and socializing and photo sharing, be the right platform for you to sell your goods or services?

4 Things You Should Not Do with Video Maker

Videos excel as promotional tools for all kinds of businesses. They can be used to inform, entertain, and even provoke an emotional response from your potential customers. The video maker can prove to be an essential tool to many businesses, but that’s assuming they’re used correctly. The

How Are Crypto Prices Analyzed?

Every day analysts are touting their prediction of the price of BTC. But how do they get to their numbers? Can you do your own analysis?  With major financial institutions now predicting Bitcoin prices above $50,000, many novice crypto investors will be wondering how analysts make their predictions.

Ten ways to write an excellent movie review essay

Everyone loves watching movies. With what is going on these days, binge-watching seems the best option to remain safe and sound. Indeed, films play an integral part in our life. They help us recharge our batteries at the end of the day or, on the contrary, keep

Are You Ready for a Computer Career?

Is your goal to have a career in the computer industry? Even if it’s not, so you possess the basic IT skills to perform well in any modern field of work? Banks and accounting firms, for example, seek out candidates who have a solid understanding of computers

Boost Work Productivity: Explore GogoPDF Web Tools for Efficient File Management

If you’re working in a company, you might be dealing with so much paperwork. Many years ago, office employees handled a stack of printed materials on the table, such as forms, inventory or accounting reports, folders, and many other company-related documents. However, today, with the use of

The Rising Cybersecurity Threats Facing The Gaming Industry

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If you’re a gamer of any kind, you should be worried about your security. Nowadays, a lot of information is stored on game launchers, in-game, and on your consoles and televisions: passwords, login information, and sometimes third-party payment software such as PayPal, or even your debit card

How Technology Has Revolutionised the Gambling Industry

Here at RabidGeek, we like to delve deeply into the ways that technology affects our lives. Changing technology restructures our society, and one place that is especially evident is in the way we gamble.  Gambling has been around for a long time. Greek and Roman pots have